capital improvement program & capital facilities plan

2022-2027 CIP & CFP

Public Works 2022-2027 Proposed Capital Facilities Plan & Capital Improvement Program

Parks 2022-2027 Proposed Capital Facilities Plan & Capital Improvement Program


2021-2026 CIP & CFP

2021-2026 Capital Improvements Program

2021-2026 Capital Facilities Plan

The 2022-2027 Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) are being presented in a different format this year. In previous years, the CFP and CIP were separate documents and projects in the CIP were organized by the City’s financial funds. This year, the CFP and CIP are combined into one document with project lists that identify Capital Facility projects and project information sheets for all projects and programs.

CFP projects are capital improvement projects that expand existing facilities/infrastructure or provide new capital facilities in order to accommodate the City’s projected population growth in accordance with the Growth Management Act. Capital projects that preserve existing capital facilities are not CFP projects. These preservation projects are part of the six-year capital improvement program (CIP) along with capital facility plan projects that encompass the projected expenditure needs for all city capital related projects.