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All campers require a Medical Release Form. Download form here: Medical Release Form
*Sunset Bay Camps, Gymnastics and Discovery camps will have their own forms.

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Sunset Bay Beach Camps
(Varing camps for grades 2-9)

Marine science and summer outdoor education program. Registration for Sunset Bay Beach Camps will open on April 15th at
Find out more here:

Art Camps

Art Camp: Summer Fun (Ages 7-11)
Summers most fun offerings will be enjoyed through drawing and craft projects. Go to and search 'art'

Art Camp: Road Trip U.S.A. (Ages 7-11)
Drawing and craft projects will chronicle our journey across the U.S.A. Go to and search 'art'

Incrediflix: Live Action Flix (Ages 7-12)
We'll guide you through the Hollywood process to create, direct, film, act, and more. Go to and search 'incrediflix'

Incrediflix: Animation Flix (Ages 7-12)
In this fast paced class, students will be creating up to 4-stop motion movies. Go to and search 'incrediflix'

Science and STEM Camps

Play-Well LEGO© (Varying camps for ages 5-14)
Learn stop-motion, robotics, engineering, architecture and so much more! Go to and search 'play'

Sport Camps

Kidz Love Soccer (Varying camps for ages 2-10)
This instructional soccer experience includes age appropriate activities. Go to and search 'kls'

Skyhawks (Varying sports for ages 4-12)
a wide variety of fun, safe and positive programs that emphasize critical lessons in sports and life. Go to and search 'skyhawks'

Steel Soccer Camps (Ages 6-14)
Improve soccer skills through challenges and drills. Go to and search 'steel'

Nature Camps

Discovery Outdoor Beach Camps 1&2 (Ages 7-8 and 9-11)
Discover Edmonds beaches through hands-on exploration, activities, crafts and games. Go to and search 'discovery'

Discovery Nature and Naturalist Camps (Ages 7-8 and 9-11)
Meet at City Park each day for hands-on nature exploration, and activities. Go to and search 'discovery'

Gymnastics Camps

Gymnastics Outdoor Camps (Ages 6-12)
Warmups, stretches, and a variety of Gymnastics and Acro activities. Go to and search 'gymnastics'

Online Camps and Classes

Play-Well: STEM Exploration Camp (Ages 7-12)
Explore your creative boundaries and learn new building techniques. Go to and search 'play well'

Play-Well: Pokemon Engineering Camp (Ages 6-11)
Build Pokemon-inspired projects, explore your creative boundaries. Go to and search 'play well'

Digital Photography Camp (Ages 8-12)
Learn photography through fun challenges, assignments, and discussions. Go to and search 'photography'

Health and Safety:
We are committed to keeping our community, participants and employees safe. All guidelines from the State and Snohomish County Health will be followed at the time of the activity to include social distancing, mask wearing as well as hand washing and sanitizing.

                                                 Summer Camp registration is open at
                                                                           or by phone 425-771-0230.