Traffic Calming Program

The City of Edmonds Traffic Calming Program is designed to assist residents and City staff in responding to neighborhood traffic issues related to speeding, cut-through traffic, and safety. Implementation of a traffic calming program allows local traffic concerns to be addressed consistently, and traffic calming measures to be efficiently developed and put into operation.

The main document below describes the Traffic Calming Program for the City of Edmonds and Exhibits A-C outline the process for neighborhoods to establish a traffic calming program.

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Phases 1, 2 and 3


The City of Edmonds is requesting public input on the 2021 Traffic Calming Program.  In 2021, this annual program has a budget of $33,000 to address speeding concerns and/or reduce cut-through traffic on any street. The program consists of a three-phase process: 

   (1) Petition and Review for Qualification;
   (2) Education / Enforcement; and
   (3) Installation of Traffic Calming Devices.

In order for a location to be considered in the 2021 Traffic Calming Program, a Citizen Action Request (see Exhibit B below) and Petition Form (see Exhibit C below) need to be submitted to the City. The petition must have supporting signatures from at least eight different households within the area. City staff will evaluate each petition and determine if it qualifies for the Program. Projects deemed qualified will be prioritized and pursued based on available funding. In past years, the program has funded the installation of speed radar feedback signs, signing and pavement markings.  Alternative solutions may be considered depending on location and the traffic concern.

In order for your street to be considered for the Program, please submit the Petition Form by Friday, February 26, 2021 by mail or email to:

Mr. Bertrand Hauss
City of Edmonds - Transportation Engineer
121 5th Ave N Edmonds, WA 98020


Exhibit B - Citizen Action Request (Phase 1) pdficon


Exhbit C - Neighborhood Petition From (Phase 1) pdficon


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