Stormwater System Maintenance
rain to sound
The Edmonds storm drainage system is composed of streams, lakes, wetlands, detention systems, pipes and ditches - all of which discharge, largely untreated, to local water bodies, Lake Ballinger, and Puget Sound.  City crews perform maintenance and repairs to the entire City-owned system to reduce flooding, improve water quality and protect the environment.


City - Maintenance and repair activities performed on the entire City-owned storm drainage system include inspection and cleaning of catch basins, street sweeping, emergency flood response, creek maintenance, inspection and monitoring of private stormwater detention systems, and minor capital improvement project construction. 
Private Property Owners - Private property owners are responsible for properly maintaining the stormwater infrastructure on their property to ensure it operates as designed.  The City has developed an inspection program to ensure private property owners are properly maintaining their stormwater systems.
Report a Spill and Illicit Discharges


Do you see signs of a pollutant spill in or near a storm drain or water body?

During normal working hours please contact the Public Works Department at 425.771.0235

For AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES: Call 911 - the operator will dispatch a utility crew member as required.

Illicit Discharges - Illicit discharges are regulated by Edmonds City Code section 7.200.  Pollutants may include, but are not limited to: paints, varnishes, and solvents; oil and other automotive fluids; pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, hazardous substances and wastes; sewage, fecal coliform and pathogens; dissolved and particulate metals; animal wastes; wastes and residues that result from constructing a building or structure; noxious or offensive matter; and non-hazardous substances or materials that may cause or contribute to pollution.

Notification of Spills - The person or company responsible for the premises or operation in which a known or suspected release of materials has occurred shall take all necessary steps to ensure the discovery, containment, and cleanup of such release. 

Contact Public Works

Public Works & Utilities Administration
Operations & Maintenance Center
7110 210th St SW
Edmonds, WA  98026

Phone: (425) 771-0235
Fax: (425) 744-6057 

Public Hours:
8:00am to 4:30pm M-F
Closed Weekends and Holidays

For Emergencies Call 911

Public Works Engineering Division
City Hall - Second Floor
121 5th Ave N
Edmonds, WA 98020

Phone: (425) 771-0220
Fax: (425) 672-5750

Public Hours:
8:00am to 4:30pm - M, T, Th, F
Wed 8:30am to Noon

Closed Weekends and Holidays

Engineering Capital Project Staff
Engineering Development Staff