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General Requirements for Businesses

Fire Extinguisher: Every occupancy is required to have access to a minimum of one fire extinguisher. They shall be located so that one is within 30 feet travel distance from any point in a building. The minimum size is 2A:10B:C. Larger fire extinguishers may be required in hazardous areas such as kitchens, gas stations, repair garages, manufacturing areas, etc. All fire extinguishers require annual service in order to ensure proper operation when required.

Extension Cords: Extension cords are permitted only with portable appliances or fixtures while in IMMEDIATE use. Power taps (strip plugs with integral circuit breakers) can be used for small appliances at all times. Power taps must be plugged directly into a wall outlet.

Waste Containers: Provide metal waste containers instead of plastic receptacles in lunchrooms and break rooms. Provide at least one metal container with a tight fitting lid for the safe disposal of cigarette ends and ashes, where smoking is permitted.

Address: Post and maintain the building address in a contrasting color to the building and in a conspicuous place near the principal entrance, visible from the street. Numbers shall be easily legible and no less than six inches high.

Fire Permits: Fire permits are required for the following occupancies: public assembly, dry cleaning plants, repair garages, wrecking yards, etc. Fire permits are required for certain potential hazardous processes: flammable and combustible liquids, spraying operations, compressed gasses, hazardous chemicals and similar storage or handling.

During the business license review process, Fire Prevention Services will inspect your business and advise you of any additional requirements. Fire prevention inspections will be conducted annually for all commercial and multifamily residential occupancies. Some home businesses may require annual inspections. If you have questions about the above requirements or wish more information regarding Fire Code regulations, please contact the Fire Inspector at 425-775-7720.

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