Salaries & Wages

2019 Edmonds Police Officers' Association (EPOA)

2019 Law Enforcement Support

2019 Teamsters

2017 SEIU** (WSCCCE)

2019 Non Represented Pay Ranges

2018 Non Represented Titles

2019 Hourly Employees Pay Ranges


**Please note that the City of Edmonds Employees Association affiliation with WSCCCE became official on 3/6/2018. The former bargaining unit contract (SEIU) expired on 12/31/2017 and is still in place pending ongoing negotiations.

Human Resources Contact Information

Contact Information: Please contact the Human Resources Department

Mary Ann Hardie, HR Director

Phone: 425-771-0258
Fax:   425-275-4806


Emily Wagener, HR Analyst

Phone: 425-775-7740


Carly Derrick, HR Assistant (part-time)

Phone: 425-672-5751