Salaries & Wages

2019 Edmonds Police Officers' Association (EPOA)

2019 Law Enforcement Support

2019 Teamsters

2019 Edmonds Employee Association (AFSCME Council 2)

2019 Non Represented Pay Ranges

2018 Non Represented Titles

2019 Hourly Employees Pay Ranges


**Please note that the City of Edmonds Employees Association affiliation with WSCCCE became official on 3/6/2018. The former bargaining unit contract (SEIU) expired on 12/31/2017 and is still in place pending ongoing negotiations.

Human Resources Contact Information

Contact Information: Please contact the Human Resources Department

HR Director [unfilled]

Phone: 425-771-0258
Fax:   425-275-4806


Emily Wagener, HR Analyst

Phone: 425-775-7740


Carly Derrick, HR Assistant (part-time)

Phone: 425-672-5751