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NOTICE:  Starting October 2nd, the Edmonds Police Department will begin using the GovQA system for processing public disclosure requests.  This system will make submitting requests easier and provide you with the ability to track the status of your disclosure request. 

For specific records documenting police investigations you may contact the Edmonds Police Department directly.  To aid us in processing your request in a timely manner, please make your request as specific as possible.  This would include specific dates/times, location or case number. 

Please note that requests for dispositions on misdemeanor cases or Infractions without a case report are handled by the Edmonds Municipal Court and should be routed there.

Records will be assembled for your review and/or reproduced in either hard-copy or digital format.  Please note, there is a charge for paper copies.  City ordinance allows for a $3 charge for 0-10 pages.  A .15 cent charge will be made for additional pages.

When photographs are available, there is a $1 per page fee.  They can be formated 1, 2 or 4 photographs per page.

Requests may be still be sent via mail, hand delivered to our front counter or faxed to 425-771-0208 by completing this form: Public Disclosure Request Form 


Use the online submission form below.

Police Public Disclosure Request Form

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Be specific and provide as much detail as possible; include address and owner of property; file name or number; time period; incident location and date; case number; any other names associated with your request; etc.):

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I agree to pay for any requested copies per the City’s adopted fee schedule.
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Is the information requested a list of individuals to be used for a mailing list for commercial purposes?

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If yes, you must complete the following Declaration to Release Public Records field.

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1. I have requested copies of the public records as described at the beginning of this form.

2. I understand that Washington State law, RCW 42.56.070, prohibits the use of lists of individuals for commercial purposes.

3. I understand that the use for commercial purposes of said records may also violate the rights of the individuals named therein and may subject me to liability for such commercial use.

4. I understand that section 2 and 3 herein apply when I use said records for commercial purposes and when others use said records or copies for same for commercial purposes. I understand that I may be liable in either case.

5. I understand that “commercial purposes” means that the person requesting the record intends that the list will be used to communicate with the individuals named in the record for the purpose of facilitating profit expecting activity.

6. Therefore, I do hereby swear and affirm on oath and under penalty of law that I will not use said records for commercial purposes and that further, it is my affirmative duty to prevent others from using said records for commercial purposes.

7. I do further swear and affirm on oath and under penalty of law that I will protect and hold harmless, including the costs of defending, the agency and its agents and employees from which I have obtained said records from any and all claims arising either directly or indirectly from the commercial use of said records.

I acknowledge and affirm all statements in the above declaration.
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Responses to requests for public records shall be made promptly by agencies, the office of the secretary of the senate, and the office of the chief clerk of the house of representatives. Within five business days of receiving a public record request, an agency, the office of the secretary of the senate, or the office of the chief clerk of the house of representatives must respond by either (1) providing the record; (2) providing an internet address and link on the agency's web site to the specific records requested, except that if the requester notifies the agency that he or she cannot access the records through the internet, then the agency must provide copies of the record or allow the requester to view copies using an agency computer; (3) acknowledging that the agency, the office of the secretary of the senate, or the office of the chief clerk of the house of representatives has received the request and providing a reasonable estimate of the time the agency, the office of the secretary of the senate, or the office of the chief clerk of the house of representatives will require to respond to the request; or (4) denying the public record request. In acknowledging receipt of a public record request that is unclear, an agency may ask the requestor to clarify what information the requestor is seeking. If the requestor fails to clarify the request, the agency need not respond to it." RCW 42.56.520 (in part)

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