Public Art

Several Public Art programs feature a variety of artworks and installations that highlight Edmonds community and history, and complement its spectacular view of the Olympic Mountains and Salish Sea. 

Public Art Map

Click on the map to take a tour of artworks in publicly viewable places:

Link to Edmonds Public Art Map

Public Art Programs

Cedar Dreams Fountain 2City of Edmonds Public Art Collection: Established in 1976, the City's One Percent for Art ordinance was created for the acquisition of artworks. Funding is also provided through private donation, gifts and partnerships. The City of Edmonds Arts Commission oversees the acquisition, maintenance and display of Public Art for the City. The collection includes over 150 works: 30 installations are permanently sited in various locations throughout the city, and over 100 two- and three-dimensional portable works, including selections from the City's Sister City Hekinan Japan collection, are located in several City buildings. Click on the map above to take a tour of the outdoor collection.

Egg BabcockFlower Basket Pole Artwork: A special program of unique sculptural artworks on the top of flower basket poles in the downtown core creates a year-round “outdoor gallery.” The Flower Basket Art Pole gift/donation program provides an opportunity to honor someone or commemorate an organization with a plaque placed on the side of each unique art-enhanced flower pole. For information about the program, call the arts office at 425-771-0228

Morisawa shadow smallOn the Fence Temporary Installations: This program is an opportunity for regional artists to create temporary outdoor art installations on three City-owned fences: Frances Anderson Center Playfield on Main St; Civic Park on 6th Ave N; 2nd Ave N & Dayton St, next to the ArtWorks parking lot. For information about the program, go to the Opportunities page.

DR Office plaqueStages of History Artist Plaques: Twelve interpretive artwork plaques provide historical information for points of interest along 4th Ave N "Cultural Corridor" and Main St. Take the self-guided walking tour:

Recent Projects

Sea Rise RunSea Rise Run: The iconic Edmonds Breakwater Run fish sculptures next to the Olympic Beach fishing pier has a new neighbor: Sea Rise Run. The artist, renowned public artist Buster Simpson, installed a second set of fish in May of 2018. Although constructed from similar materials, including aircraft grade aluminum, army surplus forks, and paint impregnated with reflective glass beads, the new school of fish has a different look from Breakwater Run. Referring to himself as an "urban fisherman" Buster Simpson describes the materials as all things used to make lures to catch fish (although maybe not the forks)
Dayton Plaza 3
Dayton Street Plaza "Fibonacci?": This small park at 2nd Ave N and Dayton St includes a seat wall, artist designed hardscape inlay designed by Edmonds artist Darlene McLellan is reminiscent of a Fibonacci swirl. Within the swirl is a Marc Chagall quote, "Great art picks up where nature ends." The site also features a large interactive rainstick. Funding assistance from Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation, Hubbard Family Foundation, Friends of Edmonds In Bloom Assoc., and Peggy Pritchard Donor Fund.
DaleytoECA2Luminous Forest: The installation of 177 solar LED lights embedded in diagonal strands in the road is by by Iole Alessandrini. The temporary installation transforms 4th Ave N between Main St and the Edmonds Center for the Arts into a sparkling three block avenue at night. The points of light reference the old growth forest prior to the town’s founding and logging industry. The angle of the strands alludes to the changing orientation of the city’s street grid from originally paralleling the waterfront to later streets built on the standard North/South-East/West grid. Funded by the Edmonds Arts Commission in partnership with the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation, Luminous Forest is a temporary installation remaining until the street is repaved as part of future Cultural Corridor plans.