Dog Friendly Parks
Off Leash Park

Off Leash Area Edmonds (OLAE website)

Edmonds' only off leash area is located at the southend of Marina Beach at 498 Admiral Way and is managed by a local non-profit.

Which of Edmonds parks allows dogs?

Eleven parks are open to dogs on leashes and only on designated paths/trails.  Both leash and scoop laws are strictly enforced and must be observed when using the following parks:

  1. Edmonds City Park (southeast wooded area)
  2. Haines Wharf Park (paved walkways)
  3. Hickman Park (paved and wooded paths)
  4. Hutt Park (trails)
  5. Maplewood Park (trails)
  6. Mathay-Ballinger (turf area)
  7. Pine Ridge Park (inner trails)
  8. Seaview Park (paved walkways)
  9. Sierra Park (paved walkways)
  10. Sunset Avenue (west of Sunset Ave, between Bell St & Caspers St)
  11. Yost Park (inner trails, Shell Valley area)

Dog License

Dog licenses are mandatory for all dog park users. Owners of unlicensed pets are subject to monetary fines, possible removal of the animal and other judicial punishments. Edmonds residents can purchase pet licenses over the counter at the Edmonds Police Department more details.