Department Overview
 (As of October 21, 2020) All City of Edmonds parks, trails and open spaces are open for public use EXCEPT playgrounds. Rental facilities such as picnic shelters and athletic fields are available, but have group size restrictions. The Frances Anderson Center remains closed to the public. 

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

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The City of Edmonds strives to offer the opportunity to all Edmonds citizens to stay active, get involved, play and have fun, and engage with the community. For more information, go to or call 425.771.0230.

We offer 48 parks and open sites, and over 450 acres of green space, featuring over two miles of saltwater shoreline, fully developed for the public's enjoyment, and a robust flower program that beautifies downtown Edmonds throughout the summer. For more information, please contact Rich Lindsay, Park Maintenance Manager, or 425.771.0289.

We seek to promote and sustain a vibrant cultural community through proactive partnerships and civic leadership, a network of successful cultural facilities, effective marketing and outreach strategies, and broad participation in a diverse range of cultural offerings. For more information, please contact Frances Chapin, Cultural Services Manager, or 425.771.0228

Provides oversight, capital project development, policy and procedures, and comprehensive planning.

For more information, please contact Angie Feser, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director or 425-771-0256