• In 2011, city inspectors began using an iPad field module that provides mapping and immediate data entry. This saves paper and time. The mapping component allows for easier and better route planning for inspections, thereby reducing resource demands.
  • Staff has set up a city-wide “Office Supply Exchange” to share used or surplus office supplies.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department has implemented online registration for all classes, eliminating the need to copy, fax, and mail registration forms. Find out more here.
  • Online permitting has been expanded, reducing the resources necessary, such as fuel, trips, and paper, to apply for and obtain certain permits. Additionally, the City’s internal permit review process has been digitized, reducing paper demands and increasing efficiency of permit reviews. Find out more here.
  • There has been a shift over the past couple of years to providing the City Council as well as the City’s other boards and commissions with meeting packets electronically, dramatically reducing the number of photocopies necessary to provide members with printed packets. For example, city elected officials and directors were issued iPads in 2011, which provides these individuals with the opportunity to access paperless City Council packets, thus saving a significant amount of paper, energy, and time. Access online meeting agendas and packets here.