• Edmonds is a proud host to one of the first community solar installations in the Puget Sound region. The installation is located on the Frances Anderson Center, which houses the Parks and Recreation Department and acts as a community hub. This location provides wide spread community education about solar energy. The installation was developed by the Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative, supported by Tangerine Power, in cooperation with Sustainable Edmonds, a local non-profit of citizens dedicated to sustainability.

  • This project is a unique public/private partnership enabling Snohomish County PUD customers to participate in a collective solar project that reduces the costs of access and ownership while reaping the benefits of generating clean, solar energy for the community. Additionally, as part of the installation, the City receives a rebate from Snohomish County PUD on its energy use at the Frances Anderson Center.

  • This project is the first community-owned solar cooperative in Western Washington and is also the first such project in the state for a municipality that does not own its own electric utility.

  • The cooperative is planning a 30 kW expansion of the existing installation by the summer of 2012.

  • The Parks and Recreation Department is currently in the process of scheduling green initiatives education for residents, which is co-sponsored by the Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative as part of the Community Solar Project.