Ordinances for the Year 2003

 Ordinance Name
3438   Setting an adoption fee to recover costs associated with animal control
3439   Amend the Code to confirm exclusion of occupations licensed by Ch. 3.20
3440   Final decisions on Planned Residential Development (PRD) applications
3441   Granting a Master Use Agreement to AT&T Wireless
3442   Amend Official Street Map to depict realigned right-of-way of SR 104
3443   Meeting room charges
3444   Amend Code Section 2.35, Vacation and Sick Leave
3445   Moratorium on processing applications for opiate substitution treatment facilities
3446   Authorizing sale of Water and Sewer Revenue Bonds
3447   Add Code Chapter 2.37, Misc. Leave and Break Provisions
3448   Final Plat/PRD Approval of Garden Cottages at 614 Bell Street
3449   Preliminary Plat/PRD Approval of Meadowdale Estates at 6880 172nd St. SW
*Not available electronically.
3450   Stormwater Management System Development Charge
3451   Amend Animal Control Ordinance, Dangerous Dogs
3452   Fire Code Permitting Fees
3453   Establishment of Day-cares
3454   Change in Zoning for the Five Corners Fire Station Site
3455   Six Year Capital Improvement Program
3456   Building Board of Appeals
3457   Monthly Service Charges
3458   Ordinance number not used
3459   Street Map Amendment - 215th Place SW
3460   Refinancing of 1996 Public Safety Bonds
3461   Sign Code
3462   Amend 2003 Budget
3463   Vacate portion of 7th Avenue S
3464   Placing a Proposition on General Election Ballot - Property Tax Levy Lid Lift
3465   Planned Residential Development
3466   Parks Trust Fund
3467   Change in zoning - parcel north of 8017 238th Street
3468   Establish regular meeting dates for the Public Facilities District Board.
3469   Restrictions on construction noise.
3470   Vacate easterly 3 feet of right-of-way of 8500 block of Bowdoin Way.
3471   Amend City Code Chapter 5.05, Animal Control.
3472   Rezone property west of 75th Place West.
3473   Opiate substitution treatment provider facilities.
3474   Essential Public Facilities
3475   Property Tax Levies for 2004
3476   Budget for 2004
3477   Closing various city funds.
3478   2004 salary ranges for non-represented personnel.
3479   Amend Comprehensive Plan to incorporate documents.
3480   Amend Comprehensive Plan (100th Ave W and 102nd Pl W).
3481   Adopt Comprehensive Plan Map.
3482   Rezone five elementary schools to residential zoning.
3483   Illegal discharges to storm water system and watercourses.
3484   Amend 2003 Budget.