Ordinances for the Year 2004

 Ordinance Name
3485   Right-of-Way Construction, Street Use, and Encroachment Permits
3486   Spaying and Neutering of Animals
3487   Grease Control and Other Pretreatment Requirements
3488   Roof Height Above 25 Feet as Part of Modulated Roof and Building Design
3489   Public Official Disclosure
3490   Amateur Radio Antennas
3491   Repealing Hedge Regulations
3492   Repeal Ordinance No. 3488; Enact New Legislation Clarifying Roof Height Above 25 Feet
3493   Include Edmonds Historical Museum on the Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3494   Final Plat/PRD for Edmunds Highlands at 9015 240th St. SW
3495   Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan
3496   Employee Permit Parking and Off-Street Parking
3497   Amend Annual Salary Ordinance; Reclassify 7 Positions
3498   Rezone Property at 23904 Edmonds Way
3499   DNR Moratoriums
3500   Wastewater Treatment Plant Rescue Operations
3501   Amend 2004 Budget
3502   Adopt 2003 International Building, Fire, Mechanical and Supplemental Codes
3503   Rezone 7023 and 7025 174th St. SW
3504   Amend Ordinance No. 3499 (DNR Moratoriums)
3505   Vacations, Compensating Time and Conflict
3506   Olympic View Water & Sewer District Franchise
3507   Land Clearing Exemptions and Fines
3508   Citizens' Commission on the Compensation of Elected Officials
3509   Amend City Code Regarding Credit Cards
3510   Correct Scriveners Errors - Amateur Radio Antennas
3511   Amend Definition of "Families" to Allow Exchange Students
3512   Update Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy
3513   Solicitors, Peddlers and Street Vendors
3514   Construction Signs
3515   Historic Buildings (City's Historic Register)
3516   Traffic Impact Fees
3517   Final Plat/PRD of Steinman's Meadowdale Estates (69th Pl. W and 172nd St. SW)
3518   Amend ECDC 16.50.020(B) - Commercial Development on the Ground Floor
3519   Amend the 2004 Budget
3520   Vacate Portion of the Right-of-Way of 174th St. SW
3521   Motorized Foot Scooters
3522   Interim Zoning Ordinance Amending Definitions of Setbacks
3523   Property Tax Levy Rate for 2005
3524   Fund Rename and Elimination
3525   Adopt 2005 Budget
3526   Historic Preservation Commission - Add an Additional Voting Member
3527   Critical Areas Regulations
3528   Salary Ranges for Non-represented Personnel
3529   Amend the 2004 Budget