Ordinances for the Year 2008

 Ordinance Name
3676   Edmonds Public Facilities District Contingent Loan Agreement
3677   Add City Code Chapter 5.60, Graffiti
3678   Final Plat of Cooper's Crest at 8016 to 8024 212th Ave S
3679   Interim Zoning/Amend the Definition of Local Public Facilities
3680   Salary Ranges for Non-represented and Exempt Personnel for Budget Year 2008
3681   Spaying or Neutering of Adopted Dogs and Cats
3682   Amending Definition of Street Setback and Defining Rainwater Collection Tank
3683   Silver City Construction Latecomer Agreement
3684   First Quarter Budget Amendment
3685   Mayor's Salary
3686   Compensation of Council Members
3687   Contingent Loan Agreement with Edmonds Public Facilities District
3688   Franchise Fee for Community Antenna Television Systems
3689   Conflict of Interest Regarding Contracts with Former Employees
3690   Amend Official Street Map (203rd Street SW)
3691   Interim Zoning Ordinance Amending ECDC Chapter 16.43, BD (Downtown Business)
3692   Amend Section 2 of Ordinance 3691; Insert Hearing Date
3693   Granting Cable Franchise to Verizon Northwest, Inc.
3694   Amend Ordinance 3613; 2008 Budget
3695   Six Year Capital Improvement Plan
3696   Code Chapter 17.40, Non-conforming Uses, Buildings, Signs and Lots
3697   Design Standards for the BD-1 Zone
3698   Amend Code Regarding Civil Service Eligibility Lists
3699   Extend Life of Building Permit Applications
3700   Code Chapter 16.43, BD - Downtown Business
3701   Amend Chapter 18.05, Utility Wires (Poles)
3702   Zoning Ordinance - Rental of Single Family Dwellings
3703   Final 2008 Budget Amendment
3704   Monthly Fee at 4th Avenue Parking Lot
3705   Permit Fee Established by Fire Code Set Annually by Resolution
3706   Emergency Medical Service Transport Charges
3707   Establish a Transportation Benefit District
3708   2009 Property Tax Ordinance
3709   Increase Certain Utility Taxes
3710   Increase Business License Fees
3711   Adopt Biennial Budget for 2009-2010
3712   Designate Parmelee House, 1228 - 9th Avenue North, for Inclusion on Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3713   Designate First School Site, 233 - 3rd Avenue North, for Inclusion on Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3714   Designate International Order of Odd Fellows Hall, 542 Main Street, for Inclusion on Edmonds Register of Historic Place
3715   Amend Code to Comply with State Floodplain Management Regulations
3716   Update Parking Provisions in Downtown Edmonds Area
3717   Amend City's Comprehensive Plan (Parks, Recreation, Cultural Plan and Underhill Application for 215th Street SW)
3718   2009 Salary Ranges for Non-represented Personnel
3719   Amend Commute Trip Reduction Plan
3720   Amend Public Nuisance Abatement Regulations
3721   Bond Ordinance / Wireless Water Meter System / Fiber Optic Network