Ordinances for the Year 2009

 Ordinance Name
3722   Amend City Code Chapter 2.36, Military Leave
3723   Local Public Facilities
3724   Adopt Disaster Recovery Plan
3725   Designate First Congregational Church Parsonage as Historic
3726   Waiver of Progress Inspections and Allow Renewal of Permits
3727   Adopt State Criminal Attempt Statutes by Reference
3728   Amend the Code Regarding Accessory Buildings
3729   Vacate Portion of Right of Way of Alley Between 8th Avenue N and 9th Avenue N
3730   Allowing Emergency Exemptions for Housing for Indigent Persons
3731   Repeal and Re-enact Code Chapter 17.60, Property Performance Standards
3732   Amend Ordinance 3621 - Right of Way Use Permit / T-Mobile West
3733   Establish New Effective Date of Mayor's Salary Increase
3734   Certain Criminal Offenses Consistent with State Criminal Statutes
3735   Citizens Economic Development Commission
3736   Edmonds Community Development Code Title 20 - Including Procedures for Land Use Development Permits Procedures
3737   Designate Olympic View Hotel Site for Inclusion on Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3738   Designate Sandy Beach Area at Brackett's Landing North Park for Inclusion on Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3739   Designate Edmonds Memorial Cemetery for Inclusion on Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3740   Authorize Hearing Examiner to Decide Building Code Appeals When Board of Appeals is Unable to Convene
3741   Clarify Where Junk Vehicles May Be Stored; Vehicles in Residential Zones
3742   Amend Edmonds Community Development Code Chapter 17.70, Temporary Uses
3743   Work Exempt from Building Permits
3744   Stormwater Rates and Charges
3745   Water Utility Tax; Collect and Reflect Properly Cost of Providing Fire Hydrants
3746   Interim Zoning Ordinance - Extending Design Review Approvals
3747   Include the Interior and Exterior of the Ganahl-Hanley Log Cabin on the Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3748   Include the Exterior of the Edmonds Bank on the Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3749   Adopt City Code Chapter 6.80, Plastic Bag Reduction
3750   Repeal City Code Chapter 4.74, Community Impact Statements
3751   Municipal Stormwater Sewer System and Watercourses
3752   Change in Zoning at 7631 - 212th Street SW to Neighborhood Business
3753   Include the Great Northern Railway Section Foreman's House on the Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3754   Include 533 3rd Ave. S. on the Edmonds Register of Historic Places
3755   Emergency Reserve Finance Fund
3756   Building Setback Exemption for Residential Projects with Expired County Building Permits
3757   2009 Budget Amendment - Amend No. Ordinance 3711
3758   Amend Downtown Employee Parking Permit Process and Parking Area
3759   Domesticated Animals in Residential Zones (Female Domestic Chickens)
3760   Firdale Village Mixed-Use Zoning and Site Design Standards
3761   Ordinance 3706; City Code Chapter 5.65, EMS Transport Fee Charges
3762   Modify Certain Fire Provisions in the City Code
3763   Transfer Control of Franchisee (Verizon Communications to Frontier Communications)
3764   Annual Property Tax Levy / EMS Levy
3765   Amend the Comprehensive Plan - Update Edmonds School District Capital Facilities Plan
3766   Adopt a New Community Sustainability Element
3767   Amend the Comprehensive Transportation Plan
3768   Rezone Portion of 215th Street SW (Underhill Rezone)
3769   Defining Temporary Homeless Shelter; Identifying Zoning Districts Where Temporary Homeless Shelters are Permitted
3770   Amend Ordinance 3711 (2009 Budget)
3771   Modify the 2010 Budget
3772   Reaffirm Adoption of the 2008 Park Plan
3773   Amend the Comprehensive Plan to Update the Capital Facilities Element for 2010-2015