We provide a variety of forms and handouts to assist applicants in obtaining permits or information about different permit requirements or processes. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials are in PDF format. Use the menu at the right to help find what you are looking for.

Applications | Forms include the actual application form that must be filled out (and usually signed) in order to apply for a permit or approval. Additional forms are also provided, such as a public records request form or a map order form. Please note that you may also request an informal meeting with Development Services staff, or a more formal Pre-Application Meeting (where formal written feedback/comments are provided for a fee).

Handouts by Type are various informational handouts organized by general type of activity.

Handouts by Handout # is a one-page listing of the various forms and information handouts sorted by Division (Building, Engineering and Planning) and by form/handout number (e.g. a handout under Planning is "P1 - Accessory Dwelling Unit").

Engineering Standards include Edmonds Standard Details that provide information on the design standards for various types of engineering and public works installations and improvements.