Employee Benefits

Depending upon the terms of employment within the City, differing benefits will be available to the employee.  For example, an elected City Council member will have different benefits available to them than a Teamsters employee.  Below are descriptions of the benefits.  (visit the Employee Benefit Summaries section for more details regarding benefits for the different groups: City Council, Non- Represented Employees, Police (commissioned), Law Support (non-commissioned), AFSCME & Teamsters Unions).

 City Employee Benefits

  • Medical, dental, vision, life, accident, survivor and long-term disability insurance plans.
  • Medical, Dependent Care and Transit flexible spending account (FSA) program.
  • Paid vacation and sick leave, provided on an accrual basis.
  • Paid holidays
  • Five retirement savings programs available:
    • Mandatory participation in the State of Washington Department of Retirement System (PERS or LEOFF).
    • MEBT retirement savings plan with a city-matched contribution in lieu of Social Security participation.
    • Three optional 457 deferred compensation plans allowing tax-deferred savings into prominent mutual fund investment options.
  • Heath Reimbursement Arrangement/Voluntary Beneficiary Association (HRA/VEBA)
  • Supplemental insurance options through AFLAC.
  • Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • CTR - Commute Trip Reduction program with a City-subsidized ORCA card. Ride Share Program.
  • Opportunities for flexible work schedules.
  • Wellness program with wellness incentives and participation events. 
  • Smoke-free, drug-free workplace.

Employee Benefit Summaries

Depending upon the terms of employment within the City, available benefits will differ.  For example, an elected City Council Member will have different benefits available to them than a union employee.  Below are the benefit summaries and medical/dental/vision insurance cost-share amounts of the differing groups.

Please note that the benefits listed are for Regular, full-time Employees (40 hours). Regular, part-time employees who work at least 20 hours per week may be eligible for pro-rated benefits. Please see the union contracts, personnel policies or contact HR for more information.


2021 Benefit Summaries

*This group is currently in negotiations and listed benefits reflect the current union contract.


2021 Employee Insurance Cost-Share Amounts (100% FTE)

Group Life & Accident Insurance

Group Life & Accident Insurance

The City of Edmonds offers Life Insurance and Accident Insurance options to employees in addition to what is provided through MEBT. Available coverage is dependent on employee class and eligibility*. Employees receive a basic benefit for themselves, an eligible spouse or domestic partner and any children. Buy up options are available at a cost to the employee but are subject to policy limitations. See the following plan documents for further details.

*No employee will be covered more than once under each available policy even though they may qualify for more than one coverage class. Life and Accident insurance is underwritten by CIGNA.

Please contact City of Edmonds HR Department for further details or questions in regards to available coverage and employee classes.

Retirement Information

The following links are included here to offer information on retirement questions you may have. 


State Retirement (Department of Retirement Systems - LEOFF & PERS)

Eligible employees participate in the state retirement system through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS).

PERS 2 plan information is available here:

PERS 3 plan information is available here:

LEOFF 2 Plan information is available here:

PERS & LEOFF 2 employee contribution rates are available here:


For questions, please contact DRS directly at:



View the NEW online version of your M.E.B.T. account at


The following city staff are available to assist with any questions you might have with regards to your MEBT account.  

Jim Lawless, MEBT Chair            ext. 1207
Emily Wagener, HR Analyst         ext. 1375




Summary Plan Description

Long Term Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

*No employee will be covered more than once under each available policy even though they may qualify for more than one coverage class. LTD & Life Insurance is underwritten by CIGNA.

Investment Performance Reports, Audited Financial Statements, MEBT Meeting Agendas and Minutes can all be found by logging on to



Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant, sometimes called ESRD).

For information on Medicare please follow this link:  Medicare Information


8.2 Vacation (From Personnel Policies)

Employees will be provided annual vacation in accordance with their collective bargaining agreement or City ordinance. Non Represented employees receive annual vacation in accordance with the Edmonds City Code Chapter 2.35. In appropriate situations for recruitment purposes, the Mayor, with approval of the City Council, may authorize placement of a newly hired employee at a level on the vacation and/or sick-leave accrual charts consistent with his/her prior experience.

All new employees must satisfactorily complete their orientation period to be entitled to the accrual and use of vacation leave. Employees may only use accrued vacation; vacation credit cannot be advanced to an employee. Regular part-time employees will receive vacation on a pro-rata basis. Hourly employees are not eligible for any vacation benefits. Employees do not accrue vacation benefits during a leave without pay.

Each department is responsible for scheduling its employees' vacations with the least disruption of department operations whenever possible. Leave requests shall be submitted at least two weeks prior to taking vacation leave or as otherwise stated in the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Vacation schedules for union employees shall be submitted to their department directors for approval and in compliance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

The maximum number of vacation hours which may be accrued is two years at the current accrual rate, unless otherwise stated in a collective bargaining agreement. After reaching the maximum amount, the employee will not accrue any additional vacation, until leave is used. Any exceptions to extend vacation accruals due to extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Mayor. Employees will be paid for unused vacation time upon termination of employment.

For Non-Represented positions see: Edmonds City Code 2.35.030 

For Represented postiions, see the current collective bargaining agreement. 

Sick Leave

8.3 Paid Sick Leave (From Personnel Policies)

Sick leave provides employees with a measure of financial protection by allowing time off with pay when a personal illness, accident, disability, or an illness of an immediate family member occurs. Effective January 1, 2018, the City of Edmonds implemented the Washington State paid sick leave law, which was an addition to the Minimum Wage Act (RCW 49.46.010 et seq,). While the City’s sick leave accrual is more generous than that minimally required by law, the City has chosen to apply the new provisions of the law to all paid City sick leave. Accrued sick leave is available for use immediately upon hire. The provisions of this section shall apply as written unless otherwise noted in a City Council approved collective bargaining agreement.

City of Edmonds Sick Leave & Paid Family and Medical Leave Policy

Deferred Compensation

Washington State Deferred Compensation Program
Contact: Eric Mathieu, Account Rep.
1-844-446-8658 x20401

Nationwide Retirement Solutions 
Contact Mike Ferguson, 877-677-3678

Contact: David Goren, 877-651-7263 or 800-326-7272 (ICMA customer service)

FSA (Flexible Spending Arrangement)

All regular and part-time Elected Officials, Police, Non-Represented, AFSCME and Teamsters employees are eligible to participate in the Flexible Spending Arrangement program offered through Navial Benefits Solutions so long as they are eligible for insurance coverage at the City.

Participant Log-in or Registration Link

Log in/Registration Instructions

Employer Code: CEM     

Health Care Flexible Spending Arrangement
The Health Care Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) enables employees to set aside pre-tax dollars out of their paycheck to pay for eligible health care expenses. 

Day Care Flexible Spending Arrangement
The Day Care Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) allows employees to pay for work related day care costs with tax-free dollars.

Premium Conversion
The Premium Conversion benefit allows the employee portion of insurance premiums to be deducted from their pay check pre-tax and then paid to the carriers.

Related Forms:

The Flexi-Commuter program is a service where you can go online through Navia Benefits' website to order your transit pass or parking benefits and have it delivered straight to your home. If you currently have work related public transportation or parking expenses, this program is for you!

Commuter Kit

 For additional questions about the FSA program, please contact Navia Benefit Solutions directly at 1-800-669-3539 or


Police, Teamsters, AFSCME and Non-Reps currently participate in a VEBA plan through the City.

The VEBA is a great benefit.  The employer deposits funds into a VEBA account, which is a tax-exempt, irrevocable trust arrangement.  It's paired with a Health Reimbursement Acccount (HRA) which allows employees to use VEBA funds for current or future out-of-pocket health-related expenses.  The HRA-VEBA doesn't replace group health insurance coverage; it works with the plan to provide additional coverage options.

For those employees eligible to participate in a Health Reimbursement Account - Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (HRA-VEBA) program, provided through BPAS, please see the links below for further information.

Enrollment Guide

About Your VEBA HRA Plan

VEBA/HRA Portal Tip: Submitting a Claim

BPASClaims Mobile App

Your VEBA HRA Investment Options

 For additional questions, please contact Human Resources. 





City of Edmonds AFLAC provider:

 Deborah Wallace Voluntary Benefits Strategist 


  Office:  425-329-6100 (p) or 425-329-6101 (f) 

AFLAC: 800-992-3522 (Headquarters)

  Fax:  425-827-8798

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

There are two EAP programs available to City of Edmonds employees. Please see the below links for more detailed information.

AWC: EAP Brochure/Information  

CIGNA: EAP Brochure/Information

Human Resources Contact Information

Please use the below contact information if you need HR assistance.

Secure Fax:   425-275-4806

Please email Carly Derrick for employment verifications


Jessica Neill Hoyson, HR Director

Phone: 425-771-0258

 Emily Wagener, HR Analyst

Phone: 425-775-7740

 Carly Derrick, HR Assistant (part-time)

Phone: 425-672-5751 

 Craig Cottrell, Safety & Disaster Coordinator