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CHC Banner ltEdmonds residents are asked to weigh-in on concepts big and small

The City of Edmonds has launched an online open house and community survey about housing ideas. The open house and survey are part of community outreach by the Edmonds Housing Commission to gather and organize community input on housing policy concepts from zoning to building design.

The open house will feature videos that highlight ideas for many housing policy topics including accessory dwellings and housing funds and future engagement opportunities. It can all be found at ECHCOpenHouse.com.

The commission is scheduled to deliver policy recommendation to the Edmonds City Council in late December. The Council will then decide what actions to take on the recommendations.

The City Council created and staffed the commission in 2019, with the first commission meeting last September, to develop diverse housing policy options designed to expand the range of housing available in Edmonds. The mission statement of the Commission says options will be irrespective of age, gender, race, religious affiliation, physical disability or sexual orientation.

The commission has met 13 times, including several times via zoom during the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, and has arrived at concepts for six policy topics:
• City resources
• City processes and programs
• Accessory dwelling units
• Duplex or two-unit townhome option
• Zoning transition areas
• Design guidelines

The Housing Commission’s current (“Round 1”) policy ideas are still preliminary. After hearing more from the community, the commissioners will decide whether to keep, revise, or drop the ideas. They will deliver another preliminary set of ideas (“Round 2”) for public input by this fall.

Commission members, working with a public outreach consultant, have a series of survey questions for the public about the Round 1 issues. Answers range from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The survey will be sent to 500 randomly selected residents. It will also be available via the web and social media. The survey is open until August 16.

Results will be available for anyone to review via the Housing Commission webpage. Recommendations could lead to new programs, investments, or code changes. Any al all final action is up to the City Council.

Commission members emphasize there are no right or wrong answers and the survey is ‘blind’. No one sees personal information. The commission wants to arrive at policy recommendations that reflect the entire community. Learn more about the Commission.

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