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Below is a short summary and highlights of our three annual replacement projects (water, storm, and sewer utility). The main goal for these projects is to repair or replace existing pipes and associated infrastructure for each respective utility. The replacements/repairs are driven by various factors such as age, material, condition, need to add capacity and resiliency. The monies used to fund each of these respective projects comes from each utility’s respective charges in the City’s bimonthly utility billing, to Edmonds residents and businesses, which it serves.


Site Locations

  • Swedish Hospital
  • 215th St from 76th Ave W to 73rd Pl W
  • 73rd from 215th to 216th St SW
  • 2nd Ave S at theoretical crossing with SR 104

Construction continues to progress near Swedish Hospital site and under SR-104 at the theoretical intersection with 2nd Ave. The pipes at the Swedish site have been installed and brought online and the aging 6” water meter supplying water to the hospital has been replaced. A big thank you to all Swedish staff for the support and coordination to ensure that the water supply to the hospital was not interrupted during this work. The replaced system provides additional resiliency and redundancies needed for fire emergencies for both the hospital complex and the commercial businesses in that part of the City. The improvements will also allow City maintenance staff the ability to service the hospital’s water meter vault without needing to shut down the water supply to the hospital. In addition, the meter relocation is such that the hospital’s loading dock and access road used for large supply shipments to and from the hospital does not need to be shut down if the City needs to maintain the water meter or maintain the nearby City owned water mains. 

Swedish 1 Swedish 2Swedish 3

 2nd SR104


The 2020 replacement project will install new 18-inch and 24-inch diameter storm water conveyance pipes in 88th Ave W from Olympic View Drive to 185th St. W. Construction is scheduled to start at the beginning of August and end in October. The pipes for this project are being replaced because they are heavily corroded and holes in the pipe have started to develop. These holes would eventually lead to sinkholes in the roadway at this location, in the near future, if the pipes are not replaced.


Site Locations
10 separate locations across the city (see map)

The contractor is expected to be mobilizing at the first site at the intersection of Alder St and 11th Ave S for a spot repair the week of July 20th. The majority of the projects will address pipes that have an adverse slope. The adverse slope increases blockages in the pipe and requires City Maintenance crews to visit these sites multiple times a year for cleaning and unclogging purposes. The two remaining sites are a pipe run that is made out of concrete and is heavily damaged due to corrosive sewer gases (near the intersection of 195th and 76th) and a spot modification to improve the resiliency of our largest sewer lift station (Lift Station 1) during high flow events (located at 2nd and Edmonds).   The repairs and replacements will address these issues by fixing the slope issues and replacing the corroded pipe using PVC pipes which are not affected by that corrosive nature of sewer gas and are more easily installed and maintained. The resiliency modification will remove an interconnection that could divert sewage toward Lift Station 1 during high flow events, instead of flowing directly by gravity to our Wastewater Treatment Plant. Project completion is expected late December.


waterfront 2waterfront 1Construction for the Waterfront Redevelopment Project has been proceeding since February 6th 2020. In late March the project was suspended for seven weeks due to COVID-19. Construction activities have been focused upon a new seawall that will create a beach cove in place of the existing timber bulkhead. Steel sheet piles have been driven and concrete has been poured for the pile caps, seawall and beach ramp. The project has overcome several unforeseen challenges including the discovery of low level contaminated soil and sizeable underground pockets of sawdust, reminding us that the Edmonds waterfront was once home to numerous shingle mills during the early 1900’s. The soil was hauled off to a waste disposal facility in Seattle and the sawdust was over-excavated and replaced with a rock base and concrete blocks. Work has also begun on frontage improvements along Railroad Avenue, including the construction of bioretention planters, storm drainage and gravel base for new sidewalks. The Waterfront Redevelopment contractor, W.G. Clark Construction Company, has also been building the new Waterfront Center building since June 2019. Both projects are scheduled to be complete by mid-Autumn 2020.


Dayton Street Utility copyPhase 2 of Dayton Street Utility Replacement is wrapping up! With paving of Dayton Street between 5th Ave and 9th Ave coming to an end, Phase 2 of the Dayton Street Utility Replacement Project is wrapping up! We’d like to thank the community around Dayton Street for their patience during this important project.

Dayton Pump Project Capitalizes on Low Commuter Traffic

A majority of the underground infrastructures has been completed for the Dayton Street Strom Water Pump Station project. The project installed a dual alternating pump system to work against rising tidal elevations and manage the flooding conditions that can sometimes occur around SR-104 and Dayton Street.  The pump system is not fully on-line yet as electrical and control components were impacted by COVID-19 and have been delayed.  However, the contractor was able to make use of the slow commuter traffic and minimal park pedestrian traffic to get a majority of the infrastructure installed, including the intercepting manholes out in Dayton Street which impacted access to the commuter parking lots. Work still remains to actually energize the pump and program the control mechanisms, but the physical pieces of the pump system are ready to be turned on once the control system is in place.  Some disruption to the parking lot area will be needed when the transformer and associated control panels are installed in the area currently protected by construction fencing, but further closures of park areas or Dayton Street are not anticipated.  The project also includes a rigorous start-up and testing procedure that will have to be completed before the City accepts the pump system, but we anticipate the pump being fully operation before the next wet-season.


This summer has seen a continuation of the City of Edmonds’ annual overlay program! Crews from Central Paving, LLC in Ellensburg moved into Edmonds at the end of May and got to work applying new pavement to various streets in the Talbot, Maplewood Park, and Meadowdale neighborhoods.

This year’s program includes the application of Kevlar fibers and a paving mat. Each of these tools is expected to decrease the lifecycle cost of our streets by adding strength and durability to the asphalt.

The contractor has a few remaining streets to complete in the vicinity of the Swedish campus, but the project is currently on hold pending arrival of a piece of equipment that’s experiencing COVID-related delays. This equipment will arrive in time to complete the last few streets in July and wrap up another successful year of protecting our City’s investment in roadway infrastructure.

City and Chamber Launch "Edmonds Business Boster"

EdmondsBizBooster.com provides portal to business-support services

(Edmonds, WA) After nearly a year since inception of the idea, the City of Edmonds and Edmonds Chamber of Commerce are announcing the launch of the Edmonds Business Booster, an online consolidated portal of FREE business-support services offered by various agencies and organizations serving Edmonds and Snohomish County.

With attention-grabbing lines like – “Do you have a fantastic product idea, but don’t know how to get moving?” or “Wishing you could tap into the knowledge of business leaders who’ve done and seen it all before you?” – this new online resource, found at EdmondsBizBooster.com, includes services from eight entities initially, including:

  • Small Business Development Center
  • Sno-Isle Library Business Services
  • NW Innovation Resource Center
  • Edmonds College “Facility Makerspace”
  • Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center
  • Edmonds College
  • Port of Edmonds

Additional resource agencies will be added, as well as programming, such as webinars, tutorials, etc.

“This new online resource gives access to free resources that can help our local businesses grow and thrive during these times of economic stress,” stated Mayor Mike Nelson.

Economic Development & Community Services Director Patrick Doherty adds, “While these resources have been serving local businesses for years, it’s likely that most local small business owners have not known about the free services they offer that can really make a difference. Bringing them together in one place and making a concerted PR push should help drive more Edmonds businesses to these services.”

The website also offers an e-subscribe service to enable notification about updates and new offerings.

For more information, please contact Patrick Doherty at patrick.doherty@edmondswa.gov or 425-771-0251.

Media Release

State of the City Address

To join the webinar click here


Mayor Nelson Announces Performance Audit of Police Department to Help Next Police Chief

(Edmonds, WA) Mayor Nelson announced Tuesday that he has engaged the services of the Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) to conduct a performance audit of the Edmonds Police Department.

Mayor Nelson stated, “To help assist our next Police Chief in leading our Police Department into the future, I have authorized a performance audit of the Police Department. This audit will enable the person selected as our next Chief to fully understand what the department – and more importantly the community – need and desire from police services in Edmonds.”

This study will do a deep dive into the Police Department’s service calls and responses, as well as look at all facets of policing and how they impact the community. The study will involve the following:

  • Conduct a data-driven forensic analysis to identify what is driving overtime, workloads, and service demands and any potential gaps in patrol coverage.
  • Identify and recommend appropriate staffing and deployment levels for every operational and support function in the department.
  • Examine the department’s organizational structure and culture, including the qualitative aspects of patrol.
  • Perform gap analysis, including operational readiness, comparing the “as is” state of the department to the industry’s best practices.
  • Recommend a management framework to ensure accountability and improved performance.
  • Evaluate the implementation of community policing, in quantifiable and anecdotal terms, and identify improvement opportunities where appropriate.

Resulting from this analysis, the study will create a short- and long-term strategic plan which will help the City to determine its future service levels, including performance management and the department’s basic ability to carry out its mission.

Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM)

The Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) was launched by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) to provide support to local governments in the areas of police, fire, and emergency medical services.

The Center also represents local governments at the federal level and has been involved in numerous projects with the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. In 2014 as part of a restructuring at ICMA, the Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) spun out as a separate company and is now the exclusive provider of public safety technical assistance for ICMA.

CPSM’s local government technical assistance experience includes workload and deployment analysis, using a unique methodology and subject matter experts to examine department organizational structure and culture, identify workload and staffing needs, as well as industry best practices.

CPSM has conducted over 346 such studies in 43 states and provinces and 246 communities, ranging in population from 8,000 (Boone, IA) to 800,000 (Indianapolis, IN).

International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

The ICMA is a 103-year old, non-profit professional association of local government administrators and managers, with approximately 13,000 members located in 32 countries. ICMA advances the knowledge of local government best practices with its website, www.icma.org, publications, research, professional development, and membership.

media release

Mayor Mike Nelson Offers Statement Ahead of Martin Luther King Day

(Edmonds, WA) The following is a statement from Mayor Mike Nelson to the people of Edmonds in advance of the upcoming Martin Luther King Day holiday:

This year, more than ever since the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, as we approach Martin Luther King Day 2021, it’s important for us to reflect on our actions as individuals, families, a community, and a nation with regard to the basic human rights of all our fellow members of society.

This past year has been particularly difficult. Not only have we all been worn down by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have also been rocked as a nation by senseless violence against Black people that has continued unabated across the country. Many have risen up and protested, marched and pushed back, yet systemic and institutional prejudice and racism are deeply embedded. It will take unwavering and sustained, collective effort to overcome and reverse.

Dr King’s legacy suggests that this collective effort starts at home – among each and every one of us, our families, friends and colleagues. Lasting, effective systemic change must rise from a grass-roots foundation that requires each of us to be informed, act and urge others to act to combat racism.

For Martin Luther King Day 2021 there are many ways we can both honor the legacy of Dr. King and become more informed in order to act, despite not being able to gather in person as in past years.

At Noon on Monday, January 18 the locally based Lift Every Voice Legacy, in partnership with the Communities of Color Coalition, will present a FREE virtual event: “Becoming Brave – a Tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,” intended to inspire a beloved community in song, spoken word, and dance. The free virtual event will be available to the public at www.beloved4all.org, and for those who register at this website a preview will be available on Sunday Jan 17. Donations will be accepted. The event will also be available at www.edmondswa.gov/diversity-commission-home.

I would also encourage you to watch one or more of the many great documentaries and movies about the life and legacy of Dr. King, such as:


Lastly, now more than ever, the legacy of Dr King must be remembered and acted upon, not just this one day, but it must serve as a source of continued work throughout the year.

In our city I am pursuing systemic change within City government to eliminate institutional bias and discrimination, aided by a series of upcoming recommendations from my Equity and Justice Task Force. The City’s Diversity Commission is also doing important work to help address issues of equity and inclusion throughout our community.

In closing I wish you all a safe and memorable Martin Luther King holiday and encourage us all to continue to engage in collective efforts to fulfill Dr King’s legacy every day.

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Flags at Half Staff

flag half staffFlags are at half-staff in honor of fallen U.S. Capitol Police Officers Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, and all Capitol Police Officers and law enforcement across the Nation.

Draft Housing Policy Survey Extended

The deadline for viewing an online open house and taking a housing policy survey has been extended by three days to January 11. View the Press Release here.

Final Housing Open House and Survey...

The last online open house and survey from the Edmonds Housing Commission is ready for community engagement and is available through January 8, 2021. View the news release here. To learn about the Housing Commission’s draft recommendations and give feedback, visit www.ECHCOpenHouse.com.

2021 Edmonds Arts Commission Grant Opportunities

The City of Edmonds Arts Commission (EAC) is offering two, single opportunity grants in 2021 for artists and nonprofit arts and culture organizations based in Edmonds. Applications are now available. The application deadline is January 28, 2021. Projects must be completed in 2021.

The Small Grant Program will have a total of $5,000 available for small grants of $100 - $1,000 for arts-based projects to support creativity, diversity and access to arts in Edmonds through literary, visual or performing arts. Applicants must be residents of Edmonds or organizations located in Edmonds.

"Creating a Future" Large Grant Program has a total of $50,000 available for awards up to $10,000. The purpose of the grant opportunity is to help build and reinforce a diverse and equitable cultural community in Edmonds, recognizing the uncertainty and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the necessity of changing strategies to create access for all to the arts. Both individual artists and arts and culture organizations based in Edmonds are eligible if they have not-for-profit status either solely or through a partnership or umbrella relationship. Collaborations are encouraged.

Grant program Guidelines and applications for both grants are available on the Arts Commission website http://www.edmondswa.gov/workshops-a-grants.html. For questions contact frances.chapin@edmondswa.gov .

Marty the Holiday Mouse

Marty copyEdmonds Parks & Recreation Marty the holiday mouse

Follow Marty as he visits some of his favorite destinations in Edmonds’ parks.

(Edmonds - WA)

Join Edmonds Parks & Recreation on a family-friendly holiday adventure through three different parks. Follow our story through the eyes of Marty the Mouse as he meets animal friends, avoids predators, and discovers some of what makes winter in Edmonds parks so special. The adventure will be active from December 15th to January 15th. Be sure to bring along as a smart phone as location markers include a QR code to enhance learning with additional materials. The adventure includes walking on some unpaved trails, so wear sturdy shoes and dress for the weather before you venture out.

Follow Marty’s story through the Edmonds Facebook page (@EdmondsRecZone), Instagram page (edmondsreczone), and the Marty the Mouse website: http://www.edmondswa.gov/marty-the-holiday-mouse. Be sure to review the story as you move along, so you can find your way to each location.

Signs at each location have a letter noted by a green burst. If you want to play our word scramble game, be sure to write down each letter from the eight location markers and decode the themed word. Once you think you have the themed word decoded, send an email to kim.anderson@edmondswa.gov with your word guess! All submissions with the correct word will be entered into a random drawing for a prize! Post a picture of you on the Marty adventure, and tag our Facebook or Instagram accounts to get one extra entry to the prize drawing. That’s two chances to win instead of one! One entry per person can be entered for the prize drawing. Entries are accepted until January 15th. The random prize winner will be announced on January 18th.

Open House - Draft Housing Ideas

Tree Code Update: Dec. 9 Planning Board Public Hearing

The City of Edmonds’ Planning Board will hold a public hearing on the Draft Tree Regulations December 9 at 7 p.m. Information on the Tree Code Update, the Planning Board’s review, and the draft tree regulations are available for review at treecode.edmondswa.gov. (Get background on the tree code here) 

The public is invited to participate in the public hearing via Zoom or by phone at: