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Committee to focus on clean air, clean water, clean land

conservationOn Earth Day, April 22, 2020, Mayor Mike Nelson announced the formation of the Mayor's Conservation Advisory Committee to help fulfill his commitment to preserving our environment and enhancing the quality of life in Edmonds.

The all-volunteer committee, made up of local residents, will advise the Mayor on community stewardship actions in Edmonds that conserve and enhance healthy air, land and water resources, as well as wildlife habitat, for the benefit of the environment, residents, visitors, and future generations.

"It's viewing what we do as a city and what we do as residents through a green lens to make Edmonds a healthier place now and in the future," said Mayor Mike Nelson.

Conservation Advisory Committee members are: Marjie Fields, Lora Hein, Deborah Hopkins, Alan Mearns, Denise Miller, Joe Scordino, Kathleen Sears, Mike Shaw, Erin Zackey, Councilmember Susan Paine, and staff member Angie Feser, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director.

Mayor Nelson wants the group to advise the City and residents on a wide-range of work, actions and activities from sustainable gardening to sustainable practices for City projects to increase wildlife habitat, protect open spaces, wetlands and streams.


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