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In 2016, a Pedestrian Safety Task Force was created to improve pedestrian safety throughout the City. From 2016 through 2018, the focus was on educating seniors through safety presentations in front of various senior groups. Last year through collaboration with the Edmonds School District, an education program was developed for children attending Seaview Elementary.  The first event was held with 2nd graders last May and consisted of in-classroom education followed by a walking field trip.  

During the in-classroom education portion, the children were divided into different training groups covering various pedestrian safety topics (such as LOOKING LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT / MAKING EYE CONTACT WITH DRIVERS PRIOR TO CROSSING, AVOIDING PEDESTRIAN DISTRACTIONS SUCH AS CELL PHONES AND HEAD PHONES, and PROPER NIGHT-TIME CLOTHING TO WEAR). During the field trip, the children were then able to demonstrate what they learned in the classroom under real-time conditions. Several volunteers were stationed along the route to discuss their specific safety issues. Based on positive feedback from the Edmonds School District after this initial event, a decision was made to extend this program to all seven elementary schools within Edmonds during 2019-2020 school year. An event is currently planned at Sherwood Elementary and another elementary school (to be determined) this Fall. In the Spring, this program will be presented to the remaining five elementary schools.

If you have questions regarding this education program, please contact Mr. Bertrand Hauss (City of Edmonds Transportation Engineer) at 425-771-0220 or bertrand.hauss@edmondswa.gov.

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 Mayor Earling with 2nd graders at Sherwood Elementary (as part of a field trip)

 Public Works Director Phil Williams with 2nd graders at Sherwood Elementary Parking lot (as part of a field trip)


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