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2000px Sound Transit vertical logo.svg e1528427100719Sound Transit Project to Nearly Double City’s Bike Lanes, Better Connect Bicyclists and Pedestrians to Both Light Rail and Sounder Stations

In a move aimed at dramatically improving bicycle access throughout the City, Sound Transit has awarded Edmonds $1.85 million to make it easier and safer for both cyclists and pedestrians to get to and from Sound Transit Stations. The project will almost double the length of bike lanes throughout the City.

In 2016, Sound Transit 3 (ST3) included up to $10 Million in System Access Fund for each of Sound Transit’s five subareas (Snohomish County subarea being one of them). The intent of this program is to help fund improvements that make it easier for active transportation users (cyclists and pedestrians) to get to and from the various Sound Transit stations. The City of Edmonds submitted a grant application in Spring 2019 for the Citywide Bicycle Improvements project and just learned from Sound Transit that the entire requested amount of $1.85 Million was secured. 

“This is exciting news for our community,” says Edmonds Mayor and Sound Transit Board Member Dave Earling. “This grant will allow the City to better connect both cyclists and pedestrians to both the Light Rail Station in Mountlake Terrace and the Sounder Station in downtown Edmonds, while also helping ease parking congestion at both those stations.” 

“This project does much more than simply increase bike access to our Sounder Stations,” adds City of Edmonds Public Works Director Phil Williams. “It will also greatly enhance bike and pedestrian access throughout our entire community to make it far easier and safer for people to choose a greener, healthier mode of transportation.” 

The project proposes to add bike lanes/”sharrows” along several minor arterials/collectors throughout the City:
  • 100th Ave. W / 9th Ave. S from 244th St. SW to Walnut St. (2 miles of bike lane in each direction through road diet)
  • Bowdoin Way from 9th Ave. S to 84th Ave. W (1 mile of bike lane in each direction through re-striping)
  • 228th St. SW from 80th Ave. W to 78th Ave. W (1/10 mile of bike lane in each direction through roadway widening)
  • 80th Ave. W from 228th St. SW to 220th St. SW (sharrows for 1 mile in each direction)


This project will result in almost doubling the length of bike lanes in the City, going from 8 miles under current conditions to 14 miles upon project completion. The addition of bike facilities along those key east-west and north-south corridors will enhance the existing bike network. Access to the Edmonds Transit Station and Mountlake Terrace Transit Station for cyclists will be improved, encouraging more people to consider an alternative mode of transportation when traveling to those stations. Cyclists will also benefit from new bike connections to be created during this project to places throughout the community, such as schools, local parks, Downtown Edmonds, mixed use areas like Westgate Village and Firdale Village, and adjacent jurisdictions such as Shoreline. The project is also aimed at increasing the physical activity of this community by encouraging new cyclists to start using the bike network. The project’s design phase is currently scheduled to start in 2020, with construction scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. 

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Bertrand Hauss, City of Edmonds Transportation Engineer, at bertrand.hauss@edmondswa.gov or 425-771-0220 (Extension 1328).

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