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I always look forward to fall. I so enjoy the tree leaves turning color, the fun athletic events whether high school, college or professional, and our various performances throughout the community. And of course those special holidays and events; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Holiday Market, and Christmas -- all events which bring families and the community together.

Also for a community like Edmonds, every two years we have the opportunity to elect fellow community members to govern the city. This year, because of some elected leaders stepping down or running for another office, we have the opportunity to elect a new mayor and four council members.

Yes, Edmonds always has a large turnout in municipal elections. We know our community pays close attention and lets elected leaders know their opinion through local, regional, and national elections. As I recall, the turnout when I was first elected Mayor was in the 60% range... a very sizable vote for a local election.

I hope in the coming weeks you will pay very close attention to the various candidates and races, read their mailing pieces and the news articles in The Beacon and My Edmonds News, and attend one of the several election forums and debates in the city.

Get out and vote! (Please)

Mayor Dave Earling 

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