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Image may contain: textA story-telling project launched by the Edmonds Diversity Commission in conjunction with Communities of Color Coalition.

This Summer the Edmonds Diversity Commission is sponsoring a community story-telling project called “I am Edmonds. This Is My Story.” The purpose of this project is to engage residents, workers, visitors or other with connections to Edmonds in sharing their personal stories of joys, challenges, unique experiences, or other personal reflections about their life in Edmonds. Stories may be in writing, or in the form of video, photographs or other media and may be submitted to a special “I am Edmonds” Facebook page. There the public may both post and view others’ stories. Submissions will be accepted through August 16th. Then in November the Commission intends to hold a capstone event to share many of the stories, provide for live story-telling, and an address from a keynote speaker. All are encouraged to participate.

A dedicated Facebook page has been set up to receive and host the stories for all to view. The Facebook page can be found here.

Here are the rules (which may also be found at the “About” section of the FB page):

  • Written-word entries will be limited to a maximum of 750 words
  • Audio or video entries will be limited to a maximum of 3 minutes duration
  • Photo essays will be limited to a maximum of 15 photos
  • Sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc., may be submitted via video or photo format
  • All entries will require at least a first name and surname initial (full names are welcome)
  • No obscenities, nude or lewd photos, defamatory remarks about individuals, hate speech, incitement to violence, or threats will be allowed
  • All entries will be screened for compliance with these criteria before posting

The Commission intends to host an “I am Edmonds” Capstone Event on Saturday, November 2, 2019, where selected stories will be shared, a keynote speaker will offer remarks, and participants may come together to share their stories.

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