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City Council has appropriated funds in 2018 for the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to evaluate the best alternative technology and cost to replace inefficient and aging incineration equipment with an energy neutral or positive option.

City Council Resolution No. 1389 commits to achieving or exceeding the goals established in the Paris Climate Accord. WWTP staff are working diligently to ensure we do our part! Research, technical information requests and evaluation by proposers across the USA have lead us to a new technology that we are confident meets the goal and intent of Resolution No. 1389. The Phase 6 Energy – Carbon Recovery project has the potential to reduce operating, regulatory and disposal expenses significantly for wastewater treatment ratepayers. 

The best available energy-efficient technology we have found creates a Class A dried product and a biochar. These well-established green renewable products that negate the “cradle to grave” risks associated with biosolids. The process is considered energy‑neutral, and the biochar byproduct can be used in City parks as a soil conditioner or marketed for various uses. 

To reduce financial and operational risks in implementing this project, we are proposing use of an Energy Savings Performance (ESP) contract through the State Energy Program. ESPs have guaranteed not-to-exceed pricing, performance of the new systems and measured verified energy savings. Third party incentive funding is available for the most efficient projects. 

The approach of using ESPs has demonstrated a significant positive impact on the WWTP efficiency, resulting in a declining trend in energy use and reduction of our carbon footprint, despite growing connected population and demands on our wastewater system. City Council is now evaluating the scope of the pre-design effort and if approved, we will proceed with the pre-design effort.

Below is the concept we have envisioned.

wwtp 1

Organic waste is mostly made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. All these elements, if properly processed can become a valuable product. The P-Five technology transforms organic waste into environmentally beneficial byproducts known as Upcycling.

 wwtp 2

The Plant will resume tours for the public on the last Thursday of the month, beginning April 26th. Children must be accompanied by their parent. If you are interested in a tour and hearing a bit more about the treatment of wastewater, the current project concept and/or energy efficiency projects we have completed, please call 425-771-0237 to reserve a spot.

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