Update on Edmonds
road pavingThe City of Edmonds will continue its efforts to rehabilitate and preserve its roadway network this summer by paving several area streets. Also included in this year’s contract is installation of a geotextile fabric. This fabric, which is placed under the new asphalt, will prolong the life of the new pavement surface by preventing surface cracking. This technique has been successfully used in Edmonds numerous times.

Working in conjunction with Snohomish County, a contract is expected to be awarded this June. This year’s paving is expected to cost approximately $1.9M to be paid for by a combination of REET and Utility funds.

Additionally, the City will be running a pilot program this summer to test the cost-effectiveness of a treatment known as Slurry Seal. Slurry Seal is a preventative maintenance practice expected to decrease paving costs by extending the life of our current roads. City of Edmonds staff have teamed up with City of Mukilteo staff for implementation of this program.

Work has begun on the construction of new sidewalk on the north side of 238th St SW between Edmonds Way and Highway 99. This stretch of roadway has large gaps where sidewalk currently does not exist and this project will construct approximately 1000 linear feet of sidewalk in various locations to fill in those gaps. A mid-block crosswalk with pedestrian activated flashers will be installed in front of the Korean United Presbyterian Church.

Construction bids were opened on February 15th and the low bidder, with a bid of $419,256 was Thomco Construction of Lake Stevens. Thomco started work in early April and construction will be completed by June.

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