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under constructionThe Five Corners Reservoir Recoating Project will put a new coat of paint on both the inside and the outside of the City’s most visible utility infrastructure. The reservoir facility, located at 8519 Bowdoin Way, has two welded steel tanks with capacities of 1.5 million gallons and 3 million gallons. The smaller tank was built in 1961 with the larger tank constructed in 1979. The previous reservoir recoating project was completed back in 1994. The smaller tank will be brought up to current seismic code with structural reinforcements of the existing roof. Improvements to both tanks include overflow pipe modifications, access hatch and roof vent replacements and installation of new cathodic protection and ladder fall protection systems. On site piping modifications will be made to allow the smaller reservoir to be utilized to supply the highest elevation pressure zone in the City.

Construction is scheduled from April thru October 2018 and February thru July 2019. During the first month underground utilities will be installed on site. Structural modifications will be made to the smaller reservoir during the remainder of spring followed by tank recoating during summer and early fall. The contractor will remobilize during early spring 2019 to make structural modifications to the larger reservoir. Tank recoating will continue thru spring into early summer. Surface preparation of the reservoir will involve abrasive blasting which will create construction noise during daytime hours. Containment covers will be used to control emissions generated during the paint removal and re-painting processes. Water service shutoffs are not anticipated and traffic on Bowdoin Way will not be impacted.

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