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The intersection project at 76th Ave and 212th Street is nearing completion with the only remaining work being placement of the final pavement overlay, permanent striping, and property restoration. Paving and striping is dependent on weather conditions and the work will be completed in the spring when warmer and drier conditions are expected. All approaches have been widened to accommodate a left turn lane, through lane, and right turn lane to improve traffic flow and safety for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Utility upgrades (water, sewer, and drainage) as well as the conversion of overhead utilities to underground have been completed within the intersection. The project has also constructed new sidewalks that are wider and include pedestrian curb ramps that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Bike lanes have been added on 76th Ave. from 220th Ave. to Olympic View Dr. and 212th St. from 84th Ave. to 72nd Ave. to improve safety on these designated bike routes. Wayfinding signs were added at various locations, designating preferred bike routes to key destinations throughout the City and adjacent jurisdictions.

The City would like to thank all residents and businesses within the project limits for their patience during construction.


Bike laneslane configuration comp

New lane configuration at 76th Ave. W @ 212th St. SW                                                                          New bike lanes along 76th Ave. W

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