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The City recently had a GIS Intern, Zach Matthews, who took on the task of linking as-built and engineering design drawings to an online map to allow for easy access. Previously, one had to access the archives to find a specific set of plans whereas the project provided access to not only employee’s desktops computers, but mobile devices in the field as well as local citizens through the City of Edmonds online webmap. Now, a user can jump directly to the PDF as well as the exact page that pipe is referenced by simply clicking on the watermain. Zach worked closely with the City’s GIS analyst to design the project and get the last 30 years of water main designs entered into the system. The City hopes to have the remainder of the water, sewer, and stormwater utilities completed in the next few years to provide a comprehensive clearinghouse for the data.

Zach is a recent graduate of Shorewood High School with an interest in technology and statistics. He will begin working on his college degree this fall at Shoreline Community College.

Check out Zach’s work on the Edmonds GIS Webmap here! http://maps.edmondswa.gov/

Watermains installed from 1970 to 2016 will have an additional Hyperlink to the document. Click on 1970-2016 watermain, select “View Additional Details” and select the “AsBuilt / Design Drawing” link.

gis webmap   gis webmap 2

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