Update on Edmonds

arrow 58 512You never know what a night on patrol will turn out like. A patrol officer came across a suspicious car in a parking lot. This is what “routine” police work looks like…$17,700 in cash found hidden in his pants and over a pound of illegal narcotics.

suspicious car

arrow 58 512Back to school time… not just for your kids, but also for our newest academy graduate, Officer Saunders.

 back to school

arrow 58 512We continue to get out into the community. We took part in our second “Police Chatter” event. This has given us a chance to meet our residents face to face and hear their concerns first hand. We are looking forward to our next Police Chatter event, sometime before the end of the year.

police chatter

arrow 58 512Unused medication disposal at the police department is back! This new version of the program is run by the Snohomish Health District in partnership with the Med-Project. The box is open during normal business hours. You can safely dispose of prescription drugs. No inhalers or needles!

 safely dispose

arrow 58 512Say hello to Kristi Rousseau, our new part-time parking enforcement officer.

Kristi Rousseau

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