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Olympia Success and ??????

As many of you know our State Legislature meets yearly, one year in the "long" session to take on major legislation including the two-year budget, and the opposite year in a "shorter" session to make budget adjustments as well taking on a lesser load of major new legislation.

This year the Legislature has been in their long session and, as you may have been following, their "long" session is VERY long. Most of their work is done; with the passage of the new two-year operating (general fund) budget, the transportation budget, and several major pieces of legislation including funding for the McCleary Decision (full funding for education). 

Edmonds had great success in the transportation budget. We were successful in obtaining $1 Million to pursue improvements on Highway 99 and $700,000 for further analysis of our Waterfront Access Project. In addition, we were successful in not having significant erosion from our traditional State/City shared funds.

From Edmonds' standpoint, the last major milestone is the needed approval of the Capital Budget which provides funds for major local capital needs. In this year's Capital Budget we have 3 important projects; $2.25M to help fund our proposed new Senior/Community Center, nearly $400,000 for a new Anderson Center roof, and $500,000 for Civic Field redevelopment. 

We are hopeful the legislature will come to conclusion soon as they are nearing the end of their third extended session. Anything you can do to encourage them to conclude would be good for all of us. Stay tuned... and enjoy the summer!

                                                       Mayor Dave Earling

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