Update on Edmonds

The City of Edmonds recently installed Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrow signals (see configuration below right) at SR-104 @ 100th Ave W (northbound and southbound movements) and 100th Ave W @ 238th St SW (northbound and southbound movements). As part of the on-going 76th Ave W @ 212th St SW Intersection Improvements project, those signals will also be installed at that intersection (all movements) of 76th Ave W @ 220th St SW (northbound and southbound movements), and 76th Ave W @ 208th St SW (southbound movement).

The installations are being completed in an effort to increase intersection safety and reduce intersection delay. The use of flashing yellow left-turn arrows have been found to be more understandable to drivers than the traditional yield-on-green indications, thus reducing the number of collisions. In addition, they move more vehicles through an intersection with less delay by allowing drivers to make left turns when there is a gap in oncoming traffic, without having to wait for a green arrow on the next signal cycle.

traffice lightyellow arrow light

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