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Highway 99 Progress

One of the common complaints we hear at City Hall is, "all you ever think about is downtown Edmonds." I understand that view, although I do disagree with the statement. I thought it might be helpful, as an example, to highlight some of the work being done in and around our 2 mile stretch of Highway 99.

First of all, Highway 99 is a critical part of our community. We have flourishing businesses in the International District, important automobile dealerships and the ever growing medical district, all providing valued services to our community.

You are probably aware of a major traffic improvement completed last year at 228th and Highway 99. This major improvement provides an important east-west connector to Mountlake Terrace and Interstate 5, as well an important safety improvement along Highway 99.

Some of you may also be aware that, as part of the statewide Transportation Plan passed by the legislature a couple of years back, $10 million was set aside for Edmonds for improvements on Highway 99. The problem is, we are not programed to receive those funds until 2021! 

This past year we have been developing and finalizing a plan to bring major improvements to the area, which would include expanded retail, office and important affordable housing and open area "people places" in the corridor. In conjunction with that effort we have been working with our local state legislators to have some of the funds from the $10M pulled forward so that we can continue making improvements over the next couple of years. Stay tuned on that...

The longer term goal is to provide the infrastructure and amenities to create a neighborhood which will have it's own character and identity.
For more information and to view the Draft Highway 99 Subarea Plan please click here.

Mayor Dave Earling

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