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In 2016, a Pedestrian Safety Task Force was created due to a recent increase in the number of pedestrian accidents over the last several years. Their mission is to increase safety for pedestrians and other non-motorized traffic throughout the City through an education program and creative solutions. Their focus is currently on educating seniors, with the intent of extending to school kids in the near future. The group has been meeting on a monthly basis and the education program has started. Several presentations have recently been made to local groups, such as the Senior Center. The presentation addresses pedestrian safety issues and the skills needed to guarantee safe walking conditions. This includes significant emphasis on ways to improve night-time pedestrian safety.

In 2017, the committee is looking to make additional presentations in front of local groups. The presentation takes approximately 30 minutes and includes 10 minutes for Q&A.

If you are interested, please give Mr. Bertrand Hauss, City of Edmonds Transportation Engineer, a call at 425-771-0220 or send him an email at bertrand.hauss@edmondswa.gov.

Let’s get 2017 off to a great start by working together to improve your level of safety while walking around our beautiful town!”Ped Share Respons

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