Edmonds Fire Prevention

edmonds-fireThe City of Edmonds has been protected since 1904 by a rich lineage of Fire Departments. Snohomish County Fire Protection District #1 (FD1) continues to share in that heritage and provide operational emergency fire, paramedical aid, as well as administrative and fire prevention management within the city limits. 

The Department of Fire Prevention is located at Edmonds City Hall and established by 19.25.010 ECDC. The City Fire staff serves by appointment of the FD1 Fire Chief.

Services provided by this department include:

    * Fire plans review.
    * Construction inspections.
    * Code enforcement and analysis.
    * Business license and special events review.
    * Operational fire permits administration.
    * Fire company inspections management.
    * Administers national standards, rules, statutes, and fire safety laws.
    * Drafts local fire- and life-safety ordinances.
    * Administration and management of City’s fire-related records.
    * Public records request administration.

For additional city fire services including public education, fire- and life-safety administration contact Fire District 1 headquarters at (425) 551-1200, or visit our website http://www.firedistrict1.org/.