Plan Implementation

Putting the Adopted Plan into Action
The City Council approved the original Strategic Action Plan on 4/3/13. On 4/7/15 the City Council approved an updated version of the Strategic Action Plan as well as accepted a recommended implementation plan detailing actions and initiatives intended to accomplish the goals established through the strategic planning process.

Over the past year the Strategic Action Plan (SAP) Working Group met to provide information to a facilitator who was engaged to provide technical updates to the SAP and formulate an implementation plan for the Strategic Action Plan. This group was made up of representatives from the various groups identified in the Strategic Action Plan as lead participants. This includes Edmonds City Council, Citizen Economic Development Commission, Senior Center, Chamber of Commerce, Public Facilities District, Edmonds Planning Board, and several City departments. 

Updated Strategic Action Plan, approved by City Council April 7, 2015

Strategic Action Plan Adopted April 3, 2013 

Strategic Action Plan Quarterly Updates 

Below you will find quarterly updates on the status of implementation of the most active of the 85 SAP's Action Items. 

Q4 2016 SAP Quarterly Update

Q2 2016 SAP Quarterly Update

Q1 2016 SAP Quarterly Update

Q4 2015 SAP Quarterly Update

Q3 2015 SAP Quarterly Update

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