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The Citizens Economic Development Commission is a nine-member, volunteer board appointed by the Mayor and City Council to provide advice and recommendations on economic vitality, jobs and enhancement of municipal revenue. This Commission was established pursuant to City Council-approved amendments to Chapter 10.75.  Previously, from June of 2009 through December 2015 a 17-member  served Edmonds; however, the code provisions enabling that commission expired at the end of 2015. 


Powers and Duties

The Commission is empowered to advise and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council, and as appropriate to other boards and commissions of the City on such matters as may be specifically referred to the Commission by the Mayor or City Council, or on matters independently generated by the commission, related to:

  • Strategies, programs or activities intended to generate economic development and consequently increase jobs and municipal revenue. 

The Commission shall deliver an annual report to the City Council in written and oral form during the first quarter of every year, and when appropriate, during other times as directed by the Mayor or Council.

The commission is encouraged to work in conjunction with other boards and commissions on proposals, recommendations, projects or activities of mutual interest, or as otherwise directed by City Council. Similarly, the commission is encouraged to collaborate and cooperate with other organizations, agencies or entities engaged in economic development in Edmonds.



Nine-Member Commission

  • Mayoral appointees – 2
  • City Council appointees – 1 each
  • Student Representative - appointed by the Commissioners
  • Members must be residents of Edmonds


Officers – Commissioners shall elect from its membership:

  • Chair - Presides at all meetings
  • Vice-Chair – Performs duties of chair when chair is absent
  • Other officers as may be determined by the Commission


Regular public meetings shall be held at time and place as may be determined by chair or majority of commission members

Majority of Commission (5 members) constitutes quorum for transaction of business

Majority of quorum (3 members) may transact business of Commission

EDC Info

Meeting schedule:
Regular Commission meetings will be the third Wednesday of every month from 6 - 8 p.m.

Brackett Meeting Room
Edmonds City Hall
121 5th Avenue North
Edmonds, WA  98020

Nicole Hughes, Chair
 Jamie Reece
 Darrol Haug
 Scott Merrick
 Kevin Smith
 Kevin Harris, Vice Chair
 John J. Hoag DDS
 Charlie Lieu
 Carrie Hulbert
 Evan Sittauer, Student Representative

Ex Officio Commissioners:
 Vivian Olson, City Council
 Bruce Faires, Port Commission
 Roger Pence, Planning Board
 Greg Urban, Chamber of Commerce


Patrick Doherty, Director
Economic Development & Community Services