Dayton Street Utility Improvements
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Project Limits


5th and Dayton intersection closure May 18 - 20, 7am to 5pm
Crews plan to close the 5th Ave and Dayton Street intersection May 18 - 20 7am to 5pm, to continue road reconstruction. During this closure:

    ·   Traffic through the 5th Ave intersection will not be allowed
    ·   Access to businesses, driveways, and parking lots will be maintained
The sidewalks at the 5th and Dayton intersection will be closed; pedestrian detours               will be in place

Road restoration on 5th Avenue and Dayton Street 
With utility work nearly complete, crews are beginning the process of paving and restoring Dayton Street. This work will be ongoing for the next several weeks. Additionally, because so much work has taken place at the intersection of Dayton Street and 5th Ave, the city of Edmonds has authorized crews to add an additional paving overlay on 5th Ave from Maple Street to Main Street. During paving:

    ·   Crews will close 5th Ave from Maple Street to Main Street on Thursday, May 21 7am             to 5pm to complete the paving overlay.
    ·   Crews will maintain ongoing single-lane closures on Dayton Street between 5th and               6th Ave to pave one side of the road and leave the other open to one-way traffic.
    ·   Dayton between 5th and 6th Ave will be left as gravel for several days while                              preparing to pave.
    ·   You may experience increased noise and dust in the area.
    ·   The intersection of 5th and Dayton will be closed during some of these days to                         allow for repaving of the intersection and installation of the new concrete                                 crosswalks that were removed to allow for the installation of the pipes that were                   replaced.
    ·   There will be some short-term driveway access impacts during paving. We will be                  contacting businesses and residents if their driveway access is expected to be                          impacted to answer any questions.

Please keep in mind this work is weather-dependent and the schedule is subject to change and that additional closures are planned after May 21th.  We will continue to provide updates on the work schedule as adjustments are made and final timelines and impacts of the work are determined.

Businesses are open during construction!
Businesses along Dayton Street remain open during construction. Please pay them a visit!

What to expect during construction
Construction in Phase 2 will occur along Dayton Street between 5th Ave and 9th Ave and will include single-lane closures on Dayton Street, intermittent intersection closures, and other traffic impacts. As a refresher, we will be replacing aging and undersized utilities along Dayton Street. Improvements will include:   

    ·   Adding stormwater pipe capacity to reduce flooding downtown during                                      heavy rainstorms
    ·   Sewer pipe repairs and replacing potable water pipes that are nearing the end                       of their lifespan
    ·   Road Restoration and replacing the 5th Ave and Dayton Street intersection and                       concrete crosswalks
    ·   Upgrading curb ramps to be ADA-accessible at the intersections of Dayton                                Street and 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Avenues
    ·   Adding a sidewalk along the south side of Dayton Street from 7th Ave to 8th                            Ave, where there currently is no sidewalk.

Removal and replacement of maple trees near Edmonds Library
In Fall 2020, the Edmonds Parks Department will plant new trees to replace the ones that were removed.

Parking during non-working hours
Parking is allowed along the open side of the road outside of working hours, including nights, weekends, and city holidays. Each sign will outline the times and locations when and where parking is restricted.

Sign up for email updates! 
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Community Transit Routes 116, 130, and 416 have returned to regular routes

Community Transit Route 116has been rerouted between 3rd and 9th avenues for Phase 2 construction. Several stops along Dayton Street have been relocated for the duration of construction. We will continue to share information related to transit routes as the project progress. For up-to-date details about bus routes, please visit Community Transit’s rider alerts page.

Stay Informed on Project Updates

arrow b  Please stay tuned to this website for regular updates. We will be sharing project updates via email. To sign up for regular updates, or if you have questions or comments, email us at

arrow b  Check out our live feed of the construction site at:

arrow b  You can also follow project progress on Twitter at @DaytonStProject. 

Phase 1 (May-October 2019) and Phase 2 (2020)

Phase 1 of construction (Dayton Street from 3rd Ave S to 5th Ave S) will begin on May 13, 2019 and is anticipated to be completed in Fall 2019. Work during this phase will occur mostly between 3rd Ave S and 5th Ave S. Some sewer pipe rehabilitation work between 6th and 9th may be part of phase 1.

Traffic and pedestrian impacts

arrow b   One lane of traffic, either eastbound or westbound, will be maintained on Dayton St during most of construction.  Traffic control will be present ot direct people through the work area during construction.

arrow b   Parking will be restricted in the work area

arrow b   To provide safe working spaces for construction crews, there may be temporary intersection and/or block closures lasting for 1 to 3 days. We will notify businesses and neighbors ahead of these closures

arrow b   Sidewalks and driveways will remain open except for short durations to maintain safety throughout the corridor

Phase 2 of construction  (Dayton Street from 5th Ave S to 9th Ave S) will begin as early as Spring 2020 and last into Fall 2020

Project Description:

The Dayton Street Utility Improvements Project will replace aging and undersized utilities along Dayton Street from 3rd Ave S to 9th Ave S. Improvements will include:
    • Adding stormwater pipe capacity to reduce flooding in downtown during heavy rainstorms

    • Replacing sewer and potable water pipes that are nearing the end of their lifespan

    • Upgrading curb ramps to be ADA-accessible at the intersections of Dayton Street and 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Avenues

    • Adding a sidewalk along the south side of Dayton Street from 7th to 8th Avenues

Estimated Schedule:

  • Design was completed at the end of 2018

  • Phase 1 (3rd Ave S to 5th Ave S) construction will begin in May 2019

  • Crews do not plan to work between October 2019 and March 2020 over the holiday season

  • Construction will be divided into two phases. The second phase of construction (5th Ave S to 9th Ave S) is expected to start as early as Spring 2020 and last into Fall 2020


Replace and upsize existing utilities on Dayton Street from 3rd to 9th Avenue. Improvements will include:

  • Replacing 3200 feet of stormwater pipe

  • Replacing 3800 feet of potable water pipe

  • Replacing 4300 feet of sanitary sewer pipe

  • New pavement on Dayton Street throughout the project limits

  • Constructing a new sidewalk on the south side of Dayton between 7th 
    and 8th Avenues

  • Constructing ADA-accessible pedestrian curb ramps

  • Revise sidewalks and intersections at Dayton St and 6th, 7th, and 8th, and 9th Avenues


 ·  Construction costs estimated to be $7 million.

Utility Section Near 5th & Dayton



Schematic Utility Replacement Design

Dayton scroll plot

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