Creative District Designation Process
The City of Edmonds is in the process of readying itself for application to the State Arts Commission ("ArtsWA") for designation as a certified Creative District, pursuant to a new program created by the State Legislature in 2017.  Creative District designation is intended to foster growth in the arts/culture/creative sector in local communities, enhance economic vitality, and grow jobs.  

As part of the local planning process, the City convened a local stakeholders group, comprised of representatives from 26 local arts, cultural, and economic development-related organizations, businesses and nonprofits to provide guidance in the development of our goals, strategies and milestones for a five-year work program associated with Creative District designation.  This group met twice, before and after a Community Meeting at 6:00pm on June 7, 2018, at which upwards of 50 people from the community were in attendance.  With the valuable insights and input offered by both the public and the stakeholders, City staff have been able to develop the work program that we expect to implement in furtherance of Creative District designation.  

Click here to peruse the five-year work program's draft goals and strategies

For an overview of the Creative District program and its applicability to Edmonds, including related activities conducted so far, you may click here for a powerpoint presentation made to City Council on June 26, 2018. 

For more information on the Creative District program and/or the City's application process, you may contact Economic Development Director Patrick Doherty at 425-771-0251 or or Arts & Culture Manager Frances Chapin at 425-771-0228 or