Edmonds Businesses Reopen

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The City of Edmonds wants to help Edmonds Businesses Survive COVID. This site provides tools and links and will be updated as we get more information to share with you. If your question is not answered on this website or if you just want to talk to someone about your business, please call our business hotline at 425-275-4823.

This link provides information for both businesses and workers. As guidelines are updated, they are posted here. Because guidance evolves, we recommend checking back each week to look for updates.


Helpful Information 

Local, State and Federal Grants for Businesses

  • PPP Prioritized for Small Businesses! 

    As of 2/24/21 there will be a 14-day period during which PPP loan applications will be accepted and reviewed ONLY for businesses with under 20 employees. 

    The new Corona Virus Relief Package provides substantial aid to small businesses.  Here is a summary of a few relevant provisions, but we highly recommend you seek a financial, tax or business advisor to assist you with these programs to ensure you maximize the possible relief available to you.

    Second Round of Payroll Protection Program” Loans, otherwise known as “PPP Draw 2”.  The Relief Bill allows a second draw of PPP (PPPD2), but under changed terms and eligibility. While very similar to the first round of the PPP, PPPD2 also has several important differences including applicability to businesses with a 25% year-over-year revenue drop in any calendar quarter of 2020, while also providing up to a 40% increase in the loan amount for hotels and restaurants. The Loan is forgiven if proceeds are spent on qualifying expenses including payroll, rent, utilities, PPE and more.  This program also applies to self-employed business owners, so don’t let the namesake discourage you from looking into your eligibility!

    Extension and Expansion of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC).  The Employee Retention Tax Credits can be worth up to $19,000 in tax credits per employee between March 2020 and July 2021.  Now there it is permissible to utilize the ERTC and take out a PPP loan. These are no longer mutually exclusive. Given the ERTC changes from 2020 to 2021, consulting an advisor is important to ensure you understand your full eligibility!

    SBA Loan Debt Relief: The Relief Package provides debt relief payments of principal and interest (P&I) on small business loans guaranteed by the SBA under the 7(a), 504 and Microloan Programs. This debt relief is also eligible for SBA payments of Principal & Interest on the first 6 months of newly approved loans will resume for all loans approved between February 1 and September 30, 2021, capped at $9,000 per month.

    This is not a comprehensive summary of the relief package. Other aspects of the Relief Package may benefit you and your business. That's why we strongly recommend seeking an advisor who is familiar with the law and regulations and can help you interpret the benefits for your circumstances.

  • The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce has links to federal grants and loans

  • The State of Washington Commerce Department has a StartUp Washington web portal with links to business tools and resources, and state, local and federal grants and loans. It is easy to navigate and comprehensive.


NEW!!!  Supplies for Restaurants


Distribution event is, Tuesday, February 23 from 2pm - 4pm at 201 Dayton Street, Edmonds (the old Public Works Builidng).

Quantities are limited so please register in advance for a package of containers, by contacting Megan Luttrell at megan.luttrell@edmondswa.gov 


"Streateries" or Curbside Dining 

The City Council approved new code provisions that allow for "streateries" (curbside dining enclosures) through 2021.  You will find information here. The fillable application form can be found here


Business toolkit

The State put together this very helpful business toolkit that focuses on a successful reopening. It has advice on communicating with returning employees, customers and downloadable stickers and flyers to place in and around the business to make customers and employees alike feel confident about the reopening.


PPE for your business

The state has a form to request PPE so you can prepare your business to safely reopen. Here is the link. 


What customers want

We deployed a survey of customers to see what they need/want to get back to shopping and dining. We had more than 1500 responses.  We have the general responses and then segmented the responses by women and men and over and under 50.
Summary of General Survey
Supporting Summary Women under 50
Supporting Summary Women over 50
Supporting Summary Men under 50
Supporting Summary Men over 50
Percentages of People Willing to Return to Businesses

How to measure commercial occupancy

Click here for step-by-step guide. 


Which mask for which task 

Download this simple, easy-to-understand hand out to see what mask your employees and your customers need. It's from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry.


Return to work resources

The Washington State Department of Employment Security has a useful Q and A for both workers and employers about what to expect when people return to work. It includes questions like, "What if my employee doesn't feel safe?" 


Welcome your customers with Informative Posters/Flyers

We want Edmonds residents and visitors to feel confident about visiting our local businesses. We worked with Edmonds Downtown Association to create these posters that list the state guidelines for each business type that we will print for you to post. We will distribute posters, or you can print yourself:

Real Estate
Professional Services
Personal Services


 More helpful links

  1. Small Businesses Association Disaster Loan Assistance | Apply Online
  2. Washington State Department of Commerce COVID-19 Information for Businesses: WSDOC
  3. Employment Security Department Information for Workers & Businesses Affected by COVID-19 | ESD | Eligibility
  4. Coronavirus and DOL Services | DOL


Edmonds Business Hotline

The City of Edmonds Business Hotline provides direct, hands-on assistance and response to business owners, investors, applicants for commercial permits, et al, as they encounter difficulties they believe City Hall can help with or can provide appropriate referrals.  Call 425-275-4823. For business license information please call 425-775-2525. 

Human Services Contacts

Mindy Woods, Human Services Program Manager


Patrick Doherty, Director

Megan Luttrell, Program Coordinator
or 425-775-7724