MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2020: Governor Inslee "Stay Home Stay Healthy" Order For business related inquiries please call 425.275.4823
City Council Meetings under Gubernatorial Proclamation 

Updated May 21, 2020

Mayor Nelson will host a virtual Town Hall May 21 at 4 pm to talk about Phase 2 reopening plans. 

Here is the link!

Topic: Mayor Mike Nelson Virtual Town Hall 5/21

Time: May 21, 2020 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Gov. Jay Inslee has released more guidance for outdoor recreation. It includes information about tennis, paddleboarding, ATV's and more of these types of outdoor activities. 

On May 6, Governor Jay Inslee released a detailed "Safe Start" plan for Phase 1 of the Reopening. It's simple and easy to read and has many answers.

Parks information

City finances 

What is the City's Financial Plan for COVID-19? 

The link above lays out the triggers for cuts. This plan will be updated and presented to Council May 19 at 7 pm.

What role will the community play in deciding budget priorities?

Right now, we are working on 2020 and are focused on essential services. Our financial team is digging into and forecasting for 2021 and what that looks like. There are some legal obligations we have and some flexibility. We will be making decisions in consultation with residents and our Council. We encourage residents to get in touch with us and with the Council to talk about budget priorities. We will have robust discussions about priorities for 2021.

What are current estimates of the budgetary impacts on City of Edmonds due to the COVID-19 crisis? What programs and projects would you propose cutting? What taxes might you propose increasing? What is the schedule for reaching decisions on rebalancing the City budget?

We are in a strong financial position thanks to smart planning by Former Mayor Dave Earling and our past City Council. Right now we have a 9.2% decrease in revenues. However, the impacts of this virus will be felt for years. Our Financial Director is putting together scenarios right now. We discuss this twice a week.

We will have more discussions about the 2021 budget in the coming months. We do want to hear from residents about their priorities. 

We also just got word that the City is scheduled to receive $1.2 million from the Federal government. This money is based on population and will take 10 days to get to us (mid-May). It can be used for COVID-related issues like PPE and other emergency expenditures. It may also be used to support organizations and business forced to shut down due to the government’s shut down order. But we need to review these details. We are just going through the four-page document we received outlining this program so we will be looking at this and determining what is eligible.


Can workers be constructing projects now?

Most public projects (such as road repair) are presumed to be critical and may move forward under the Governor’s order.  Also, some types of projects can continue forward to at least ensure that the project is in safe condition and not likely to result in spoliation, danger, or need for repairs.  In addition, some types of commercial construction, as well as repair and replacement projects, are allowed.  However, many other types of construction work are halted during the current Governor’s orders.  The City’s permitting website has a general notice about this at:

Can City building or engineering inspections occur now?

City inspections of current building or engineering projects may occur under limited conditions.  Conditions include consistency with criteria in the Governor’s order and ability to carry out the inspection with COVID-19 protocols in place.  More specific details and a new inspection request form are online at:
Are permits allowed to be extended due to work slow-downs due to COVID-19?

The effective date for most development permits has been extended by 120 days via an ordinance of the City.


I am a small independent business owner and my business is considered non-essential, but I see other business owners in my line of work violating the order and conducting business.
The state asks people to voluntarily comply. If you are concerned about a violation, you may file a complaint through the governor’s violation reporting site and it will be addressed through that system.

What help does the City provide small business during this time?

  • The City, the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce and other groups have created an online business directory called We encourage residents to buy takeout, delivery and/or ‘buy forward’ by purchasing local gift cards to be used when businesses reopen. You can add your business to the site by using the “Submit Now” form at the bottom of the page.
  • A companion site is a resource for local businesses, visitors, and residents.
  • The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce has an outstanding website with links and other support systems, including information about COVID-19 specific loans and grants. Please check out their website.
  • The Edmonds Chamber Foundation has expanded the scope and capacity of the Foundation’s WISH Fund (When Inconvenient Stuff Happens) to award small grants to local businesses seeking professional services that will aid in their resiliency during and beyond this unprecedented interruption. Learn more and apply here. Donate here


The list of essential workers as defined by the Governor’s order. If the activity is safety-related, then it could be considered essential. This is the general approach to this order

My neighbor has a large gathering in violation of the social distancing order.
If it concerns you, you may consider reminding them of the order. Otherwise, you can call the Edmonds Police non-emergency number 425.407.3999

My neighbor has non-essential people coming to her house to do remodeling work.
It’s difficult to determine the difference between non-essential and essential work if we can’t see it. For example, if it is a safety-related issue, it is essential. But if you are concerned about this, please call the Edmonds Police non-emergency number 425.407.3999

My neighbor has landscapers at his house, is this allowed?

Generally no. The Governor’s Order states that outdoor maintenance is only allowed when necessary to prevent spoliation, avoid imminent damage, or address emergency repairs.

Can my landlord evict me?
The City passed an ordinance on March 24, going into effect that day, that applies to both commercial properties and residents that prevents eviction for 60 days. Businessowners, residents, and property owners are encouraged to communicate about this issue.

Other questions

Where can I get tested? 

This Sonohomish County Health District page has detailed information about locations, drive-thrus, symptoms, and appointments. It is updated frequently. 

I have a question that isn’t answered here.
Please contact us via the community liaison portal.

Helpful Links 

  1. Small Businesses Association Disaster Loan Assistance | Apply Online
  2. Washington State Department of Commerce COVID-19 Information for Businesses: WSDOC
  3. Employment Security Department Information for Workers & Businesses Affected by COVID-19 | ESD | Eligibility
  4. Coronavirus and DOL Services | DOL
  • Updated information from Snohomish Health District can be found on their blog here


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Information provided by Snohomish Health District WWW.SNOHD.ORG

More information

For concerns over potential violations of Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” order:

If you have concerns about public gatherings, feel free to kindly remind people of the Governor’s ban on gatherings and encourage them to disperse. If a gathering persists, call the Edmonds Police non-emergency number: 425.407.3999.

If you have concerns about construction work that appears to be nonessential, contact Development Services Director Shane Hope at

Local Businesses
If you have concerns that a non-essential local businesses is open and operating, use this State online reporting form. On the left side of this sheet is a link to “essential business” definitions.  

Permitting Information
Questions about permits and the permitting process can be found on this page, which is regularly updated. You may also call Development Service at 425.771.0220.