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D buckshnis_indiv

Diane Buckshnis, Council Position #4

Contact Phone:   425.275.7695

Term Expires:     12/31/23


Parks, Planning, and Public Works Committee

Salmon Recovery - WRIA 8

Tree Board Liaison  

Lake Ballinger Work Group

SeaShore Transportation Forum


Diane grew up in the Ladd’s Addition area of SE Portland.  She received a scholastic/leadership scholarship from U.S. Bank of Oregon (USNB) and so began her banking career.  She graduated in 1979 from Portland State University with two Bachelor of Science degrees:  Business Administration with Finance minor and Psychology.  At U.S.N.B. she learned all about banking and spent the majority of her career there as an operational auditor and credit examiner.  She left USNB to set up a credit examining department and write policy for Willamette Savings and Loan, a subsidiary of American Savings and Loan of Utah.  It was during her work at Willamette that the savings and loan debacle began in the mid-80s and she went to work for the government as a federal examiner.  Diane saw most of the US while in this position as she was considered one of the most experienced in credit examining; for this reason, she was asked to participate in the specialized examination of American Continental Corporation (holding company of Lincoln Savings and Loan) which comprised expert examiners from all over the U.S.  During this examination, she met Mr. Charles Keating and years later during the Washington Mutual debacle was asked to discuss her opinions on an NPR program comparing and contrasting the regulatory environment then and now. 

As the savings and loan debacle was winding down, the break-up of the Soviet Union was on the forefront.  Diane was solicited by KPMG-Peat Marwick to work as a residential advisor in Lithuania assisting their regulatory body in bank auditing and examining, policy and procedure initiatives and working with a consortium of European Union, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund specialists to provide assistance in stabilizing the economy.  After five years, she then worked in Kazakhstan for a year finishing up their five year U.S.A.I.D. (U.S. Agency for International Development) contract. 

Diane was about to retire and was solicited by Coastal Environmental Systems Inc., to help manage a 60-million Air Force Contract that entailed deploying manufactured weather systems to Air Force Bases.  During her tenure, she wrote over seven technical (and classified) manuals and met scientists and from the North Pole and N.A.S.A. and work with a number of Air Force personnel.   

Diane retired in 2005 to give back to the citizens of Edmonds and helped establish the non-profit group Off-Leash Area Edmonds (O.L.A.E.) which stewards our dog park.  She also spent five years as a Director for the Edmonds Art Festival and she (and her husband) initiated the first recycling program in 2005.  Currently she is active in the Edmonds Garden Floretum Club, South County Senior Center, Off-Leash Area – Edmonds (O.L.A.E.), Fabric of Life Boutique and Rotary Club of Edmonds.

Diane also supports groups as Sustainable Edmonds, ACE, National Political Women’s Caucus, League of Women Voters, South-Snohomish County Historical Society, Edmonds Backyard Wildlife Habitat, Sierra Club – Cascade Chapter, Seattle-Lithuanian Community, Best Friends Network, ASPCA, Paws and the Humane Society.

She lives with her husband and their two dogs.