City Overlay Program

The City of Edmonds is proud to announce that it will be paving area streets for a 7th consecutive summer!

The 2020 program will pave approximately 4 lane-miles of streets within the City of Edmonds using a combination of utility and roadway funds.  Many of this year's streets wlll be treated with kevlar fiber reinforcing. This treatment is intentended to extend the life of the roadway by preventing cracking.

Be sure to check back for updates or keep an eye on the City of Edmonds - Community and Government Facebook page!

WHAT TO EXPECT ON GRIND DAY: The contractor's grinding operation tends to move at a good pace and the road can be driven on immediately after grinding. You may be blocked out of your driveway or your small side street for durations of 10 to 20 minutes. 

WHAT TO EXPECT ON PAVE DAY: If you have anywhere important to be on pave day you should leave early or park your car on a neighboring street. You may be blocked out of your driveway for anywhere from 3 to 6 hours and it's impossible to predict what time that will start or end.   

MOTORIST ALERT: Expect delays for lane shifts and traffic control operations during work hours (7AM-5PM).  For the safety of construction workers, the traveling public, and pedestrians, please use caution when driving through construction zones.


As the COVID-19 virus continues to create impacts across Washington State and the world, the City of Edmonds is committed to the safety of its staff, contractors, and the general public. We are taking steps to slow the spread of the virus based on State mandates and the latest guidance from health authorities.

For more information you are encouraged to view the Building Industry Association of Washington's Phase I Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements.

If you have any questions about how we are meeting our responsibilities, please reach out to Ryan Hague at 425-771-0220 or


Paving Schedule

2020 Paving Program is complete!

The contractor is still in Edmonds taking care of some incidental clean-up items so the contract isn't over but major roadworks are complete.

Thanks, again, for your patience as we improve our road infrastructure!


Ramps Schedule

There are no ramp installations associated with the 2020 Overlay Program

City Overlay Contact

Ryan Hague
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Rob English, PE
City Engineer
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Jaime Hawkins
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Rob English, PE
City Engineer
425-771-0220 x1327

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Si tiene problemas para comprender el inglés, puede pedir, sin costo, servicios de ayuda lingüística, para la información de este proyecto, poniéndose en contacto con Mr. Ryan Hague a o llamando al (425)771-0220.

If you have difficulty understanding English, you may, free of charge, request language assistance services for this project information by contacting Mr. Ryan Hague at or calling at (425) 771-0220.

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