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Edmonds City Council - Meeting Cancellation Notice

From July 31, 2018 7:00 pm until July 31, 2018 7:01 pm
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  City of Edmonds
  Meeting Cancellation Notice
  In accordance with Edmonds City Code (ECC) 1.04.010[1], there will be no City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 because the Council generally does not meet on the 5th Tuesday of a month.

[1] ECC 1.04.010 Regular public meeting time and days.

A. Full Council. Regular meetings of the city council shall be held on every Tuesday of every month, except for the fifth Tuesday of a month, at 7:00 p.m. Regular meetings of the city council shall be held in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 Fifth Avenue N., Edmonds, Washington. Council meetings shall adjourn no later than 10:00 p.m. on the day initiated unless such adjournment is extended by an affirmative vote of a majority of the council as a whole plus one. The council committees may convene, as necessary, following adjournment of the council’s regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.