from City of Edmonds Personnel Policies

8.2    VACATION    
Employees will be provided annual vacation in accordance with their collective bargaining agreement or City ordinance. Non Represented employees receive annual vacation in accordance with the Edmonds City Code Chapter 2.35. In appropriate situations for recruitment purposes, the Mayor, with approval of the City Council, may authorize placement of a newly hired employee at a level on the vacation and/or sick-leave accrual charts consistent with his/her prior experience.

All new employees must satisfactorily complete their orientation period to be entitled to the accrual and use of vacation leave. Employees may only use accrued vacation; vacation credit cannot be advanced to an employee. Regular part-time employees will receive vacation on a pro-rata basis. Hourly employees are not eligible for any vacation benefits. Employees do not accrue vacation benefits during a leave without pay.

Each department is responsible for scheduling its employees' vacations with the least disruption of department operations whenever possible. Leave requests shall be submitted at least two weeks prior to taking vacation leave or as otherwise stated in the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Vacation schedules for union employees shall be submitted to their department directors for approval and in compliance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

The maximum number of vacation hours which may be accrued is two years at the current accrual rate, unless otherwise stated in a collective bargaining agreement. After reaching the maximum amount, the employee will not accrue any additional vacation, until leave is used. Any exceptions to extend vacation accruals due to extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Mayor. Employees will be paid for unused vacation time upon termination of employment.