from City of Edmonds Personnel Policies

8.3     SICK LEAVE   All full-time regular employees, except LEOFF I employees, accrue sick leave benefits at the rate of eight (8) hours for each calendar month of continuous employment, unless otherwise specified in their labor agreement. Regular part-time employees may accrue sick leave benefits on a pro-rata basis according to hours worked. Hourly employees do not earn sick leave benefits. The maximum accrual, unless otherwise specified in a labor agreement, is 1000 hours. Non Represented employees may annually convert accrued sick leave in excess of 800 hours to a cash payment at the rate of three hours of sick leave to one hour of compensation at the employee’s current rate of pay, up to a maximum of $1000 per year.

Employees do not accrue sick leave benefits during a leave without pay. Sick leave cannot be advanced; only accrued sick leave can be used.

Allowable uses of sick leave cover those situations in which an employee is absent from work (including reasons as defined under state and federally approved leaves) due to:

  • Employee's own health condition (illness, injury, physical or mental disability, including disability due to pregnancy or childbirth);
  • The need to care for an ill family member in accordance with the Family Care policy below.
  • Medical or dental appointments for the employee or dependent child, provided that the employee must make a reasonable effort to schedule such appointments at times which have the least interference with the work day;
  • Exposure to a contagious disease where on-the-job presence of the employee would jeopardize the health of others;
  • Use of a prescription drug, which impairs job performance or safety;
  • Additional leave (maximum 3 days) beyond bereavement leave for a death in the immediate family to be authorized by the Department Head.

A doctor's certificate may be required when an employee is absent for a period in excess of three (3) days, or at any other occasion the Department Director deems appropriate. The City may require a physician’s certification of the existence of a serious health condition or emergency condition affecting the employee or immediate family member in accordance with state and federal law. The City may also request the opinion of a second doctor at the City's expense to determine whether the employee suffers from a serious health care condition which impairs his/her ability to perform the essential functions of his or her job or return to work after an absence of two (2) weeks. Employees who are habitually absent due to illness or disability may be terminated if their disability cannot be reasonably accommodated and/or when the employee's absenteeism prevents the orderly and efficient provision of services to the citizens of the City. Employees who use all their accumulated sick leave and require more time off work due to illness or injury may, with their department head's prior approval, request a leave without pay. (See Leave Without Pay Policy.) Employees will be paid for any unused sick leave upon leaving City service in accordance with City Ordinance or the applicable collective bargaining agreement.