Arts & Culture

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The Edmonds community and the arts have always gone hand in hand. Several art galleries, museums, performance venues and arts groups are based in Edmonds, presenting a wide variety of visual, literary and performing arts throughout the year.


The City of Edmonds celebrates the arts through its Edmonds Arts Commission (EAC), whose mission is to ensure the arts play a significant role in the quality of life in the City, its economic vitality and vibrant community identity. Founded in 1975, the EAC works through creative programs and partnerships to foster involvement in the literary, visual and performing arts, highlighting Edmonds' as a cultural destination, and it's artistic resources.

EAC programs include:

EAC 2018 Annual Report: pdf2018_annual_report.pdf

Economic Impact: In 2017 the City Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services and Economic Development Departments conducted a study of the economic impact of the arts in Edmonds. Information about the study is available here:


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