Winter 2020
In an effort to improve pedestrian safety, the City has recently completed improvements at the following locations:  

ped safety1                                     

  • 3rd Ave. @ Bell St.: Solar-powered Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB’s) have been added to the existing crosswalks on 3rd Ave (SR-524) at Bell St. Pedestrians wanting to cross 3rd Ave will now be able to activate the flashing lights to alert drivers that a pedestrian is entering the crosswalk.   

ped safety2           

  • Main St. @ 7th Ave.: Solar-powered red flashing LED lights have been added to the STOP signs at this intersection. The lights should improve driver compliance of this regulatory sign by increasing the visibility of the signs as vehicles approach the intersection. The intersection has high pedestrian activity given the proximity to the Frances Anderson Center and Edmonds Library.  

  ped safety3               

  • Admiral Way: A crosswalk with bulb-outs will be added approximately 300’ south of Dayton St., to provide pedestrians with a safer connection from the existing sidewalk on the south side of Dayton St. to the Waterfront. In addition, solar-powered RRFB’s will be installed on both sides of the crossing. The crosswalk and RRFB’s will be installed once more favorable weather conditions are present. The project is being funded by the Port of Edmonds and the City of Edmonds.

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