Winter 2020

Lynnwood Link

Construction of Lynnwood Link kicked off in 2019. Sound Transit’s contractors have completed the bulk of the site preparations including clearing, demolition and grading of sites, as well as preliminary utility work. More visible construction activities begin this year.

Parking shifts have taken place, including the closure of the surface parking lot at Mountlake Terrace Transit Center and relocation of sections of parking at the Lynnwood Transit Center. When complete, we will add about 1,500 additional spaces in new parking garages in Lynnwood and Shoreline.

If you are interested in keeping up with the activities, please subscribe to our project updates. If you have any questions, contact Sound Transit’s Lynnwood Link Community Outreach team at 206-398-5300 or e-mail us at 

Improving access to Edmonds and Mukilteo Sounder Stations

Thank you to everyone who joined Sound Transit last fall to provide feedback on potential parking and access improvements for Edmonds and Mukilteo stations. We shared a list of 38 potential improvements (22 in Edmonds and 16 in Mukilteo) designed to make it easier for more people to get to the stations and ride Sounder. These ranged from new parking, to bus improvements, to walking and bicycling facilities. Common themes we heard from both communities include: improving bus-rail transfers is important; parking near stations is preferred; and remote parking locations are not convenient. Read the full outreach summary. Have questions about this project? Contact us at or (206) 689-4877.

New bus timing for Sounder trains

As of September 2019, Community Transit bus routes 116, 130 and 196 are timed to connect with all Edmonds Sounder trips, arriving and departing within approximately 10 minutes of Sounder departures and arrivals. With an ORCA card, your bus fare applies to Sounder. Plan your trip with Community Transit’s trip planner.

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